Traumeel: A Homeopathic Remedy for Treating Muscular and Joint Pain

The benefits of regular physical activity are scientifically proven, and inactivity is regarded as a key predictor of mortality and illness. That said, even some moderate quantity of physical activity every day such as walking or running can provide significant health benefits.

Participating in sports and other physical activities, on the other hand, increases the risk of injury. The most prevalent injuries are to the ankle, which accounts for around 20% of all sports accidents and mainly consists of moderate ligament sprains, with a frequency of 1 per 100,000 persons per day. Furthermore, there are additional risks of musculoskeletal injury due to factors such as obesity or old age which makes people prone to falls.

The general idea of acute musculoskeletal injury therapy is to offer symptomatic relief so that exercise and rehabilitation can begin and the pre-injury level of function can be obtained without jeopardizing tissue recovery. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are routinely used to reduce inflammation and regulate pain, and they appear to speed up the recovery process.

Traumeel – A Natural Alternative to NSAIDs

Of course, not everyone can tolerate or wants to take NSAIDs considering the many common side effects they’re associated with. Many reports have found that most people take NSAID analgesics inappropriately which can be dangerous. Some of the most serious complications of NSAID misuse are the following:

  • thrombotic vascular incidents
  • nausea, vomiting and gastritis
  • thrombocytopenia, anemia
  • rashes, erythema, asthma and other allergic reactions
  • renal failure and water imbalance
  • hepatic damage
  • headaches, dizziness and insomnia
  • hearing disturbances and photosensitivity

As a result, newer homeopathic medicines are emerging for treating the various musculoskeletal issues as more natural alternatives free of the risks NSAIDs are linked with. One such option is Traumeel.

Traumeel is produced by Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, Baden-Baden, Germany. It comes in the form of tablets, a gel or cream and is made out of a blend of biological and mineral extracts. Whether you decide to buy the Traumeel homeopathic cream, gel or tablets, you can expect the exact same benefits that NSAIDS provide.

What Is Traumeel Used For?

Traumeel is a blend of diluted extracts derived from certain plants and minerals. While it’s only recently that it became popular here, the product has been present for over 60 years in Germany. Today, you can find the Traumeel range around the world, as it’s present in more than 50 countries.

Like NSAIDs, the Traumeel homeopathic cream, gel or tablets are used for the temporary relief of pain by reducing the inflammation that’s causing it. It’s most commonly applied for treating muscle and joint aches due to bruising, sprains and strains.

However, surveys have found that the product is also effective in providing relief from traumatic injuries and makes a good supportive drug when treating pain and inflammation due to musculoskeletal disease. To better understand the wide range of effects it can have on the body, let’s look at the ingredients it’s made of.

  • Achillea millefolium – Helps treat hemorrhages such as anastomosis and oozing hemorrhages;
  • Aconitum napellus – Helps reduce fever and redness and is effective in the treatment of rheumatism and neuralgia;
  • Arnica montana – Speeds up the recovery of fractures, dislocations, wounds and hematomas, and helps in the treatment of myalgia;
  • Atropa belladonna – Helps to reduce muscle cramps;
  • Bellis perennis – Is effective in treating pain caused by contusions and dislocations and helps promote the resorption of edema;
  • Calendula officinalis – Helps speed up the healing of wounds and has analgesic properties;
  • Matricaria recutita – Reduces inflammation and promotes healing of ulcers, fistulae, hemorrhoids and difficult to heal wounds.

How to Use Traumeel?

Although Traumeel homeopathic cream, gel and tablets are available over the counter, it’s still crucial to use each product as recommended in order to get the most benefits. Stick to the following guidelines to ensure that your cream, gel or tablets are as effective as possible and safe.

  • Always follow the instructions on the product’s package
  • If you use a gel or cream, wash your hands before and after applying it. Never touch your eyes or mucus membranes with the product on your hands.
  • Use the product as often as four times daily, or less if the guide recommends.
  • If you notice an allergic reaction, discontinue use.
  • Do not stop using the product earlier than advised even if the inflammation subsides.
  • Do not alter the dose of the product that’s listed on the package.
  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember.
  • Use the gel and cream versions only externally. If some of the product gets in your eyes, nose or mouth, rinse it off with cool tap water right away. If swallowed, contact emergency services immediately.
  • If the symptoms don’t subside and get worse, contact your doctor.

A topical ointment or gel is always preferable to a tablet when it comes to musculoskeletal discomfort. You can target a specific area and avoid many of the negative side effects. Luckily, there’s also a Traumeel gel and cream option.

Who Can Use Traumeel?

Most people can safely use Traumeel tablets, creams or gels, even children older than 12. However, there are certain medical conditions during which you should be extra careful. Consult with your doctor if you:

  • have allergies to medicines or other substances
  • want to use the gel or cream and have an open wound or burn on the affected area
  • take any prescription or over the counter drugs or supplements
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding

While some drugs and supplements can interact with the product, the risk is very low if using a cream or gel because little of the product is absorbed into the blood.

How to Store It?

It’s recommended to keep the gel, cream and tablets at room temperature – roughly between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Also, make sure to store it away from any direct light, moisture or excessive heat and in an enclosed space out of the reach of any pets or kids. It’s also recommended not to store it in the bathroom. 

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