Hormone tests performed at home can be a quick, private method to learn more about your body and pinpoint the cause of uncomfortable symptoms. These tests can be essential to achieving balance and returning to the life you want at a time when seeing a hormone specialist may seem challenging.

Without ever setting foot inside a doctor’s office, at-home hormone tests allow for testing at home, and interacting with a telemedicine hormone specialist can help you improve.

Why Should Try Hormone Testing at Home

You can get at-home hormone tests to get the full picture of the state of your hormones. Since a medical practitioner evaluates the outcomes, neither a doctor’s visit nor a prescription is required. For example, the VitalityRX hormone test kit measures testosterone, progesterone, and estradiol through saliva collection, and they also offer other tests like those specialized for stress hormones.

There is an online gateway with plenty of material backed by evidence to assist you in interpreting your results, and results are presented in an easily understandable manner. Additionally, you can keep track of them throughout time, making it simple to contrast several tests.

Anyone interested in testing specific hormones should start with this test. It can tell you if your levels are low, normal, or excessive for your age. Then, you can use the findings as a benchmark or a place to start your research.

Other types of tests measure cortisol, estradiol, free testosterone, and DHEA-S. Additionally, thyroid peroxidase antibodies, progesterone, LH, FSH, and TSH are measured. In all these cases, after providing saliva samples, a person can access their results and customized information in a few days.

Such a test kit is comprehensive, even when it can become somewhat pricey. A person can save money by combining all of these exams. However, it necessitates numerous saliva samples and finger-prick blood samples, which may not be acceptable for those who dislike having blood tests done.

Male Hormone Tests are Necessary

Hormonal imbalance can affect well-being and functioning by causing fatigue, bone loss, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and sleep issues. If you’ve had these symptoms, you can test for cortisol and male hormone levels with blood or saliva samples. Your test results demonstrate any imbalances that might be causing your symptoms.

Two to five days after your sample is delivered to the lab, results are visible on your online account. If you need assistance interpreting your results, have any inquiries, or want to discuss the next steps, get in touch with clinical experts. A clinical team member will contact you if your test results indicate imbalances to review the results and your next steps.

After you have completed all the appropriate steps and your results are available, you should have them read and “translated” for you. If they are not already detailed and specified in a way you can easily understand them, it is the best to ask for help immediately. But be sure that the person you require information from is a professional and not someone who is there to simply play the part, without having any interest in giving you real help and useful advice. When it comes to the matters of the body there is no space to play with the uncertainties. You must ensure that you are taking all the precautions needed and you are doing at least the minimum necessary.


Consider your hormones tiny messengers carrying important information throughout the body. Your body’s systems may become less effective if your hormones cannot communicate. For your doctor to offer a treatment plan to help balance your system, at-home hormone tests can identify which hormones may adversely influence your body. These type of tests are less intrusive than the ones done at the doctor`s office. You can take them in the privacy of your home and have it done quickly and painlessly.

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