Modern people are becoming more aware of their health and overall wellness. It isn’t surprising that the tech market offers a variety of options for everyone to improve their health, from calorie intake apps to software that tracks all noises and movements we make during sleep to estimate their quality.  

Although there are millions of apps users can choose from based on needs, here we are going to describe the most popular mobile applications designed for women. Some of them are health apps that were developed for nearly every aspect of both physical and mental health. Some of them help women go through the menstrual cycle easier, providing valuable information regarding their health, identifying early symptoms, and reducing pain by exploring available exercises.

IMC Women’s Health

This app combines several key features of women’s health, including:

  • Menstrual cycle tracker
  • Ovulation and Fertility Tracker
  • (Calendar and calculator)

This is a perfect application for any woman who wants to be notified several days ahead before the period starts. It calculates the suggested date and allows women to learn more about their menstrual cycle for higher health awareness. In addition, it also highlights fertile and ovulation days for those who want to get pregnant. Track your cycle to plan trips, weddings, religious obligations, and more with IMC Women’s Health.

Eating: Women’s Nutrition App

This is the first nutrition app designed solely for women. It offers a range of features, including:

  • Meal plan collection designed to women’s needs based on hormones in a specific life phase;
  • Useful tips on how to improve wellness every day;
  • Educational content to help women learn what food is best for their bodies and wellness goals;
  • Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for each woman.

FitnyTech Yoga 

FitnyTech Yoga was developed to help women explore the benefits of practicing yoga for both their minds and body. The app offers more than 10 yoga session plans with 100+ asanas. There are different programs. So every woman will be able to find the perfect option. 

The app offers programs to lose weight in 15 days, improve sleep quality, strengthen your immune system, and promote mental and psychical relaxation as a part of fitness app development. The best thing about this app is that all exercises are designed for home training, meaning sixers can enjoy yoga sessions without any extra equipment whenever they want. 

Nurture by Women’s Health

This is currently the most comprehensive pregnancy application available today.

The app allows women to track the entire pregnancy journey, learn about baby development, as well as join a community of other moms using this app. Whether a future mother is looking for advice, reassurance, or tailored to her needs care plan — Nurture is the way to go!

Mira – Women’s Health

The goal of Mira application is to help women learn more about their emotions, psychological changes during the cycle and feel better. Users just need to insert all the required data, such as weight, current mood, condition, and symptoms, based on the day of a cycle. This allows the app to predict symptoms accurately and how the woman will feel the next day, allowing her to improve overall health, wellness, learn more about her body, mood and plan her day according to what is going to happen.

To Wrap it Up

With the increasing demand for applications designed for women’s health, the market offers a vast range of options. Here we collected the top 5 women’s health apps offering different features and designed for various purposes, so women can choose what suits them best. 

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