Top 12 foods that can keep men healthy for ever

Imagining a healthy life for men without a good choice of food is not only difficult but also impossible. Food directly or indirectly determines the way we think, feel and behave and do any task. Unhealthy food will surely make you less effective and reduce the full potential of the body and mind. Do not think that foods only determine our physical health such as bone strength, triceps and biceps. The mental health of a person is also a determinant of the food a man eats.

A man who ignores the importance of good food is found taking pills like Fildena 150 mg and Vidalista 20 mg. Eating healthy food is not one day’s task it should be your daily routine if you aim for a healthy life till you live. Most men nowadays depend on shortcuts and remember about healthy foods only when they are ill and doctors had advised them. Big brands promote health drinks and immunity boosters but do not consider it a healthy food as it is just for show, in reality, it is nothing but a sugary drink with added flavours. In this article, our readers will come to know about 12 foods that can keep men healthy for ever.


Apple is by far the first fruit which we came to know in our life. This is because our English Alphabet began with A for Apple and our teachers and parents made us memorize it. But talking about the importance of Apple in health it stands among one of the healthiest food items. Apple is a rich source of dietary fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidants. Being a high fibre food, it helps the faeces to easily move through the intestines by lubricating them. Thus, giving a clean bowel. Hence, apple is advised for men suffering from constipation. 

The antioxidants in apples help in strengthening the immune system by equipping them to neutralize the free radicals that are responsible for early ageing, inflammation, joint pain and a whole lot of disorders.


Banana is one such fruit that is available throughout the year and is regularly consumed by a lot of people. Not only ripe bananas but even the unripe ones are consumed as vegetables as they are cooked with potatoes and other veggies. Bananas come in multiple varieties, so you have a lot of options to choose from. They are among the best source of potassium, Vitamin B6, and a lot of fibre. Athletes and people who are pro-health may or may not consume other fruits but they will definitely eat a lot of bananas. Either directly eat it by peeling the skin or make a banana smoothie or pancake it is your choice.


Always choose oranges if given the choice of orange and orange ice cream. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C, its deficiency results in scurvy, dental problems, dry skin, hair and too much weakness. Vitamin C is needed for a better immune system as it facilitates the production of white blood cells (WBCs) or Thrombocytes. WBCs are blood platelets that fight against the foreign particles entering the body. Hence, deficiency of Vitamin C will make you prone to infections, allergies and other health issues due to a less effective immune system.

Oranges also offer you some versatility, eat the orange directly or make orange juice, but avoid adding many sweeteners as it would make it unhealthy.


Egg and health go side by side, even vegans know eggs as a very healthy food. You must have seen in movies or interviews of sportspersons and celebrities where they eat a lot of eggs. The egg is the storehouse of protein, fats, carbohydrates and several essential vitamins and minerals. The egg white is rich in protein, calcium, manganese, iron and carbohydrates. But the egg yolk is rich in fats. Earlier a theory was propagated that egg is high in cholesterol hence, it’s unhealthy. But doctors and researchers all around the world have busted this myth. The egg has a variety of options for the cook, have boiled egg, scrambled egg, omelette, egg curry and many others.

Chicken Meat

By hearing the word meat, several people start developing saliva in their mouths. But not all meat is healthy for you. Some meats are more suitable for people living in certain geography or climate. Such as beef, buff meat is mostly consumed in western countries and less in south Asian countries due to high temperature. Besides buff meat contains a lot of saturated fats and takes more time to get broken down and overall digestion is quite intense, putting too much stress on the liver and intestines. Hence, if meat is your choice, then choose Chicken Meat that is much leaner and easily digestible.

Chia Seeds

Health-conscious people always look for nutritious foods that are natural instead of gulping tablets of supplements. Chia seed is one such natural pro-health item that is among the few foods that are considered superfoods such as sea buckthorn and spirulina. It is among the world’s most nutrition-wise dense food items containing zero cholesterol. Some of the nutrients in Chia seeds are potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, carbs, Iron, Vitamin C, sodium and fibre.

Chia seeds are overnight soaked in water and then chewed along with water. Some people have the chia seeds but throw the water, it is your choice.


Almonds contain heavy amounts of Vitamin E whose deficiency may lead to nervous disorders, loss of sensation, weakness and even loss of sight. Besides this Almonds contain magnesium, fibre and lots of antioxidants. Eating 3 to 4 almonds soaked overnight in water daily in the morning will lead to high muscular strength, better memory, and intelligence and contributes to weight loss by reducing appetite. Almonds are mostly consumed raw but you can grind them and mix them with milk which makes it a powerhouse drink. Almonds also improve the sexual performance of men by increasing testosterone secretion. Hence men who don’t want to check Vidalista 60 Reviews from Pills4usa must start eating almonds.


Coconut is the fruit of tropical and coastal regions in South Asia but due to its numerous health benefits today it is consumed worldwide. Coconut has multiple benefits; both its fruit and coconut water are the powerhouse of health benefits. First talking about the fruit, it is a rich source of fibre, zero cholesterol, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Iron, protein etc. Being a fibrous food coconut is best for people with digestive issues and that encounter frequent bowel problems. So, instead of using laxatives for smooth bowel, it is better to have coconut.

Coconut water is hugely demanded being the best alternative to sugary energy drinks. It keeps the gut cool and infuses electrolytes that keep the flow of signals steady. 


In the list of high fibrous foods, carrots definitely come in the first five, therefore for better metabolism, you can consider eating lots of raw carrots. They are enriched with beta carotene and Vitamin A which work to reduce the sugar level in the blood. Hence, patients with diabetes must consider carrots in their diet. Some percentage of calcium and Vitamin K is also present in carrots resulting in high bone density and improved blood clotting. If you don’t want to eat carrots straight away then you can drink carrot juice.


People aiming for weight loss must take foods that fulfil their appetite but at the same time do not contain many calories. Or else the workout you are doing will not be able to burn much fat because with each meal you are adding more. Cucumber is one such that aids in weight loss because more than 90% of cucumber is water and the rest is fibre, vitamins and minerals. So, when you are eating cucumber actually consuming water. During summer days when scorching sun extracts sweat from the body, eating cucumber prevents dehydration. Besides containing fibre makes it good for gut and digestive problems.


Pulses is a wide umbrella term that encompasses a variety of seeds that are consumed by humans. Many people assume that vegan is protein deficient because they don’t eat meat. But this is not true, pulses are actually seeds of the plant containing a large number of proteins and high metabolic energy. Therefore, like meat, pulses also take more time to digest. Pulses strengthen bones, and muscles, improve vision and reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Pulses contain zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, iron and lots of minerals and vitamins.


Milk is often said as a wholesome meal. On days when you don’t feel like eating, drink a glass of milk that is equivalent to a meal. Milk is one such food item that contains most of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and nutrients except Vitamin C and some others. To increase the taste, you can add some flavoured powder. But as much as possible avoid them as they are filled with sugar that makes a healthy drink an unhealthy one. You can also eat milk products like cheese, cottage cheese, and yoghurt they also contain the same nutrients.

But for people with cholesterol problems, sometimes doctors advised them to refrain consumption of milk, and listen to such advice.

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