These 5 Habits Can Damage Your Eyes and Vision

All people should value their eyes. They enable us to see everything that is happening around us and to carry out our daily activities.

Therefore, it is crucial to take care of our eyes and vision. There are daily habits that can damage vision. Some conditions and problems related to vision are hereditary, but to a large extent, bad habits and carelessness lead to vision impairment. You may be surprised when you realize which daily habits negatively affect your eyes and vision.

Keep reading to find out about these bad habits you should immediately stop doing. In this way, you will avoid the appearance of eye diseases and preserve your eyes and vision.

Overuse of screens

Many people spend almost a whole day in front of the computer without even noticing it. Many jobs require a person to sit in front of a computer and screen for work time. Most people spend their free time watching movies and series scrolling through the phone, which results in spending most of the day in front of the screen.

Staring at the screen for hours can cause several unwanted consequences for our eyes and eyesight. Headaches, neck pain, blurred vision, and dry eye symptoms due to decreased number of blinks may occur.

If your job requires you to use a screen, try to take breaks as often as possible, and spend the free part of the day without a screen to preserve your eyesight.


Smoking harms every part of the body, including the eyes. In addition to being a risk factor for the occurrence of heart and lung diseases, smoking can also lead to the appearance of several eye conditions. 

As a consequence of smoking many eye diseases can occur, such as glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and macular degeneration. According to statistical data and research, smokers have a four times greater chance of losing their vision compared to non-smokers.

Quitting smoking is an excellent step in preserving your vision and reducing the risk of eye diseases.

Not having routine eye examinations

Don’t wait for an eye problem to appear before you go for an examination. Preventive eye examinations should be your practice at least once a year. If you have eye problems, wear glasses or contact lenses, you should see your doctor more often. If you do so, some eye diseases having no symptoms, such as glaucoma, can be detected. In addition, tell your doctor about your family’s eye health history so that the doctor can determine if you are at risk for any eye disease.

Regular eye examinations are crucial for every person. Even if the doctor notices any irregularities related to your vision, don’t panic because there is a solution. The doctor will certainly recommend lasik eye surgery as one of the solutions for your problem. 

Not wearing sunglasses 

You should wear sunglasses in the summer and during all other seasons of the year. UV rays can negatively affect the eyes and damage the cornea, eye lens, and skin around the eyes. Chronic exposure to UV rays without protection leads to eye diseases such as cataracts, pinguecula, and macular degeneration. In addition, UV rays can damage the surrounding tissue and lead to skin cancer of the eyelids.

Therefore, it is very important to wear sunglasses when you are outside. In that way, you will protect your eyes from harmful influences and save your vision.

Rubbing eyes

People often rub their eyes without thinking about the possible consequences it can cause. Rubbing the eyes is not always harmless because it can lead to cornea damage if done often. If the cornea is damaged, it leads to its distortion. This condition leads to blurred vision and sometimes cannot even be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

In addition, rubbing the eyes can lead to the rupture of small blood vessels located under the surface of the skin around the eyes, and this causes the appearance of puffiness in the form of dark triangles.

If you feel itching in the eye area, the best solution is to visit a doctor. In this way, a doctor will determine the reason for the appearance of itching and give adequate therapy to stop it.

Wrapping up

In order to protect your eyes and vision, it is important to take care of it. Avoid excessive screen use, don’t smoke, regularly go for eye examinations, wear sunglasses and avoid rubbing your eyes. If you avoid bad habits that negatively affect your vision, you will contribute to its preservation and maintain healthy eyesight


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