The Top Essential Tips To Avoid Injury When Playing Sports

If you have decided to get yourself into shape, then you need to be congratulated for that. It is not easy motivating yourself to get out there and to get rid of those excess pounds. It takes alot of planning to come up with the right kind of sporting routine and you might have to reach out to someone who has a background in this field. The good news is that there are a lot of qualified people out there willing to help you so make sure that you take advantage of that.

It’s likely that you are keen to get started, but you need to remember that it is always better to start slowly and then build from there. So many people like yourself have started off too strongly and ended up experiencing back pain and needing essential lower back pain treatment. You do not want to find yourself in this same situation and so the following are some essential tips to help you avoid injury.

  1. Do a proper warm-up – Just don’t start exercising from scratch as this will definitely lead to some kind of injury. You need to do a proper warm-up first and this includes stretching for at least ten minutes each time. It is supposed to get your heart beating and preparing your body for what lies ahead. If your body gets prior notice then it is better able to handle what’s coming its way.
  2. Do a proper cool down – The same applies when you finish your exercise routine and although it can be very tempting to just lie down until your heart slows down, this is not the right way. Remember also to drink lots of liquids to replace the water that you sweated out during your exercise routine. Take off any sweaty clothing that you were wearing during your exercise to help you cool down quicker.
  3. Always wear the right gear – Many people say that any kind of clothing and footwear will do when you are trying to get fit and it is the fact that you are getting out there is what is important. This is true up to a point but wearing the right kind of sports gear helps to protect you from injuries. If you live in a cool climate then you need layers that will keep your muscles warm and if from a hot climate, then clothes that help the skin to breathe are best. It might be an excellent idea to add another thing to your fitness gear and get yourself a fitness tracker
  4. Don’t ignore pain & listen to your body – Pain is not a sign that you are doing things right and it might be down to your technique or it might be that you are pushing your body too hard at the beginning. You are the best judge of your body and so if it is sore and you are experiencing pain then it’s best to slow down or stop altogether.
  5. Set your limits & stick to them – It may be that you have set a time limit for your exercise routine ot a distance limit and it is important to stick with the plan even if you still feel strong at that point. Do not be afraid to take a break and step back from your normal exercise routine for a short while. Listen to your body and understand what it is saying to you.
  6. Mix it up a little – It is always a great idea to mix up your exercise routine so that you are not putting pressure on the same parts of your body all the time. This can lead to an injury that might set you back weeks to recover from. Go running, then do some rowing and hill walking for a change. Always try to incorporate some weight training in there as well.
  7. Get lots of rest – Do not plan on exercising for every day of the week because your body needs time off to recover and if you don’t take this excellent advice then you will definitely experience an injury sooner rather than later. The thing to remember here is that the more rested that you are and that includes treating yourself to a well deserved holiday, the more effort that you can put into your exercise routines when you start up again.

If you do experience a sports injury, do not ignore it and seek out help where it is provided. It is always a good idea to visit your local physio who can take steps to get you back on your feet in no time at all and he or she can also give you invaluable advice as to how you can avoid injury again. This is a new chapter in your life so make sure that you do it right from the onset and you will experience better results that you anticipated from the beginning. It’s all about listening to what your body is saying, so be sure to listen properly.


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