The Pros and Cons of Technology in Nursing

At warp speed, technology is changing the globe. Nurses have been dealing with technology firsthand for many years with rapid developments in healthcare. Electronic records, prescription medication tools, telehealth, online schedules of appointments, and mobile laboratories are just some of the health technologies that are used during the nursing jobs and healthcare practitioners treat every day.

Is technology improving patient care in nursing?

Technological advances have demonstrated the enhanced quality of care and higher standards in hospitals, yet it can be argued that nurses and healthcare personnel spend more time with technologies and less time with their patients. For example, when a healthcare provider diagrams an EMR in a patient’s room, the patient’s connection with a healthcare provider is broken by the technology between them. The focus of the nurse is primarily on technology, not so much the human being.

Health-tech pros in nursing

We have sung accolades and lullabies in favor of technology that affects the healthcare industry already. Nursing is now quite easy with technological developments, so let’s have a look at some of the advantages of nursing technology:

Hassle-free, efficient communication

Because of advancements such as video conferencing, interactive IMs, and Internet audio calls, communication boundaries are only a fault from the past. This has made patient care a lot in real-time for nursing jobs, as in emergencies, patients can call the nurse or clear their concerns by means of IMs.

Patients and their families are comfortable and comfortable to have someone to consult at times of need. Many hospitals and clinics have developed mobile applications through which patients can come up with solutions to their problems, and otherwise contact a specialist in a few clicks.

Technology Improving Hospital Healthcare

There are several technical technologies and equipment that have enhanced patients’ healthcare or treatment.

The modern technical equipment that enhances the health of patients is the portable defibrillator, MR system, drug management technology, and electronic IV monitors.

Hospital Electronic Health Records for Patients

The health records of the patient are now saved on computers. Mostly the complete health records of patients are saved on the computer at hospitals or with experts.

The medical records of the patient are stored on the database or cloud servers. The electronic system holds records faster than paper works. Rather than paper records, it takes less time.

The health-tech disadvantages in nursing

You must ask, “What could constitute a setback in healthcare for technology innovation?” To think about it, health technology is there to improve people’s lives, right? That was the original idea, however, the nursing industry has many disadvantages that undermine its original objective. Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of nursing technology.

Connectivity to the Internet

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the web of Internet connectivity devices. Fewer than 50 percent of the world’s population is using the internet, while shampoo bottles are still read in the other portion of the planet. No amount of healthcare technology can change things for the better for people without Internet connectivity and smartphones.

Malfunctioning equipment

Don’t you feel like kicking if your laptop doesn’t work? Imagine what if technology stopped working through open-heart surgery, which would be deadly. Yes, the technology could be valuable to nurses and doctors, but if healthcare fails as a result of power outages or internal mistakes, the career of the doctor and nurse can be turned upside down, much the same as the patient’s life. Too much dependence on anything turns dangerous.

In order to succeed in the new system, regular meetings during the nursing jobs must be held to exchange experience and expertise. It is also crucial that each employee receives personal training. The description of the program’s benefits will enable a better understanding of its advantages.

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