What does the future of hookah smoking look like? Will it continue to exist or will we no longer smoke hookah at all in a few years’ time? In this blog, we reflect on this issue by citing the history of hookah smoking and thereby speculating on the future of hookah smoking. 

Hookah are becoming increasingly popular

Hookah smoking is an age-old tradition and, in fact, in recent decades, hookah smoking has become increasingly popular. This seems at odds with the increasing focus on health and awareness of the health risks of smoking. The increasing popularity seems to be due to the proliferation of hookah lounges. In addition, hookah smoking is now seen as a social activity.

Smoking as a social activity

So many people see hookah smoking as a social activity. It is said to be a way to relax and to be social with friends and family. Moreover, hookah smoking is associated with certain cultures and has a rich history. The many hookah lounges are therefore a popular meeting place for young people and adults who want to enjoy the tradition surrounding hookah smoking. Another reason why the popularity of hookah may have increased is because there are more and more different, accessible flavors and variations of hookah available. As a result, more and more people actually find hookah smoking enjoyable.

The health drawbacks of hookah smoking

However, more and more is becoming known about the health risks associated with smoking hookah. As a result, there is a chance that hookah smoking will eventually become less and less popular after all. Hookah contains tobacco, which, like cigarette smoking, has been shown to be very harmful to health. Smoking tobacco can cause several health problems, including asthma, cancer and COPD. Passive smoking of hookah can also cause health problems. So, it is also not recommended to smoke hookah at home near children or others who do not want to smoke.

What can you do to minimize health risks

However, you don’t have to get rid of your hookah right away. There are several ways you can minimize the health risks, and still enjoy your hookah occasionally. First of all, you can choose to smoke hookah without tobacco. You can then add so-called substitutes to your hookah, such as steam stones that they sell at hookah specialist shops like AmyDeluxe. These are stones with fragrances that are released when heated. You can add tasty flavors to your hookah with these. You can also minimize the health risks of hookah smoking by simply smoking less hookah. Decide a maximum number of times per week or month to minimize your use and ensure that you can just enjoy hookah smoking in moderation!

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