DIY Smoking Devices You Can Make With Household Items

Improvised Relaxation

Cannabis can be aromatic, and it can definitely help a person relax. However, the way in which it is ingested will differ. Did you know you can make your own smoking implements at home using Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques? You can even make edibles that way.

For example, if you’ve got a pan and some butter, heat it up till the butter melts and sprinkle in some cannabis you’ve ground up. If you don’t have a grinder, use a mortar and pestle. If you don’t have those items, then just break it up with your fingers. Be sure you decarboxylate the weed first. Essentially, bake it at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 45 minutes.

Once it’s decarboxylated, add it to your melted butter. Now, the fancy way to do this is to mix water with the butter so that there’s a solution in which to deposit the cannabis. People do this however they’d like; it’s their cannabis, their relaxation, and their kitchen. Essentially, though, you put the decarboxylated cannabis in the melted butter/water solution for four hours.

After that, you simply strain out the weed with a cheesecloth, and voila. You can read more about the process here; this writing has condensed some key details. All that said, this method seems a bit involved, doesn’t it? Most people want to get high quick, not do four or five hours’ prep work. Accordingly, here we’ll cover quick home-made DIY smoking options.

  1. The Old Stand-By: A Perforated Soda Can
    This has been a popular and easy way to make a cannabis pipe at home for decades. In fact, it may be the best way. Get a push-pin and an empty soda can. Make a shallow depression in the middle of the can. Poke five to ten little holes in this depression—don’t make the holes too big; you don’t want cannabis leaves falling through.

If you can find a little wire mesh, that’s good; but it’s not necessarily something you’ll have to do. At any rate, you put the cannabis in the depression with the little holes, then light it and inhale through the hole in the front of the can where the pop-tab is. You can use the pushpin to make a carburetor (carb) on the side of the can as well, if you like.

  1. Have You Got An Apple? Well Now You Have A Pipe
    Apples make easy pipes. Pull out the stem, hollow out a little area. From there, use a pen or other skinny cylindrical implement to “drill” a hole. Push it down about halfway into the core. Now take another skinny cylindrical implement and push it through a side of the apple to the hole you’ve “drilled” out from the top. In the end, you should have an “L” shape.

From there, simply put the cannabis in the top of the apple where you made the hole, and inhale. You can additionally put a mesh of some variety there if you can find it. If you want to put a carb in the apple, just push another hole through to the center and use it accordingly.

  1. Improvising One-Hitters From Pens Or Markers
    You can do this with a pen, but a marker is better. Essentially, take apart the pen or marker, pull all the stuff out, and you should have a cylinder with a pointy end at one side, and a wide end at the other. Make sure both holes are open. With a pen, you can invert the top and tape it on, but that’s a bad idea because the tape can burn and you might inhale it.

A better idea is to melt the inverted top with a lighter. But there’s yet even a better option. Markers have tops that can be inverted and stuck into the back end for convenience. Basically, just pull all the stuff out of the inside of the marker, poke holes in the top and the inverted cap, insert it upside-down at the top of the marker as your bowl, and smoke it up.

This might be your favorite DIY pipe method, and it represents a pretty simple option as far as cleaning is concerned. For more information on how to clean a one-hitter, follow the link for an easy three-step process.

  1. Kief, A Butter Knife, And Stove Burners: Knife Hits
    Essentially, you heat up a couple old butter knives until they’re red hot using the coil-top stove. You put the cannabis knife between the knives and squeeze them together until smoke comes out, then use an old glass bottle with the bottom broken out to inhale.

Alternatively, you can just get near and inhale; but you might hurt yourself. Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to make and take knife hits.

Enjoying Cannabis At Home With DIY Ingestion Implements
Knife hits, one-hitter markers, apples, and soda cans can all become improvised cannabis pipes, and pretty quickly. Each of these DIY options only take a few minutes. Some may work for you, some may not be what you’re looking for precisely. You might want to play around a little to see what works best for you.

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