When talking about a person struggling with drug addiction, people tend to give wild theories, like “If he loved his family, he would have quit it”, “Marijuana addiction is not real” or “Substance addiction is hopeless”.

But they don’t realize that spreading wrong information can mislead people and shame can stop people from seeking help. People protecting themselves from social stigmas and stereotypes tend to suffer quietly.

This article seeks to demystify some misconceptions surrounding addiction, providing a clearer understanding to foster informed discussions.

  • Addiction is a Choice

It’s either me or cigarette.” Loved ones of the struggling person think that giving a choice between themselves and the addictive substance can be a solution. But the truth is the addictive person doesn’t have control over the choices they make.

Addiction is not merely a lifestyle choice. Individuals struggling with addiction experience biological changes that make it challenging for them to stay active in the absence of a substance. 

  • Addiction is a Problem of Willpower

To blame a person’s willpower for not being able to quit a substance is wrong because it takes a lot more than just determination to quit an addiction.

Addiction changes the brain’s structure and function by messing up with its reward system. As a result of this, the brain starts sending highly intense impulses to take drugs. 

For an individual to stop being driven by these powerful urges, seeking help from a professional is necessary. If your loved one is struggling, you must find a suitable treatment option. If you don’t have any recommendations, you can always look up genuine recovery centers at “rehab near me.”

  • Using Natural Substances is Okay, Chemical Ones isn’t

Just because it is growing in the ground doesn’t mean it is healthy to consume. It is an enduring myth that natural substances are not as harmful as the ones made by humans.

But the fact is, no one knows how exactly a drug, whether natural or man-made, can impact the taker. While some believe smoking marijuana is not as risky as smoking cigarettes, research suggests that both substances can equally damage your lungs. 

Similarly, substances like cannabis, mushrooms, etc. can have dangerous impacts on your brain, like causing psychosis or challenging your mental health

  • You Can‘t Get Addicted to Prescribed Drugs

Just because your doctor prescribed it doesn’t mean you won’t get addicted to it. Sedatives, painkillers and stimulants are addictive and can negatively impact your health. 

Thus, proper education and medical supervision are essential to mitigate these risks. If you are one of the people who takes these pills, it is crucial to monitor if you are increasing tolerance for the meds or if you have started to crave your prescribed drugs. 

  • People With Addiction Need Tough Love

While approaches that involve compassion and understanding are more effective, some people believe that “tough love” can solve everything.

But addiction is a sensitive topic and the person struggling with it needs to be dealt with love, care and support

So, instead of making the individual feel rejected by cutting them off or giving them a cold attitude, communicate with them with kindness and show that you care about their well-being. 

  • You Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Better

The myth that people have to reach the lowest level before asking for help is a misconception that makes it hard for the person to get better and leads to irreversible consequences. 

Early intervention and support from loved ones can significantly affect the recovery process. It is necessary to show love and care instead of leaving them to “hit rock bottom.”


We hear many myths from our friends and family members about addiction of different kinds. These myths can stop people from asking for help or even make them believe they are a lost cause.

So, next time you hear someone not giving healthy suggestions to a person struggling with addiction and instead spreading wild theories, correct them before anyone’s life gets ruined. 

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