Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Losing weight is a whole battle in itself, you must eat right, work out, and surround yourself with as much positivity and motivation as possible. And if you’re one suffering from a medical condition like thyroid, the process can become even more difficult, yet necessary. 

However, in the midst of all these struggles, not being able to lose weight can be extremely frustrating. You hit the gym and cut down on your diet and yet don’t seem to be shedding any extra inches. In this case, it is likely that you’re making some mistakes in your routine.  This could be related to the exercises you’ve chosen, the diet you’re taking, a combination of both or some other medical reason.  

Mistakes You Might Be Making 

The most common mistake that a person usually makes is their inability to settle with the right dieting plan. These diet plans must be the perfect combination of less calories and more nutrition but should not lead to a drastic calorie deficit either. Until you master the art of eating right, all your other plans will go to waste. Other causes can be the exercise routine you opt for, how often you work out and how long you allow your body to recover. The supplements you take for the purpose of losing weight or any medication you are currently consuming, everything has an effect on your weight loss journey. 

Read on to find the diet-killing mistakes you should avoid to get it right. 

Exercise Routine

If you want to see the results as soon as possible, you must dedicate time and effort on multiple fronts. In other words, maintaining your diet isn’t enough, you must indulge in appropriate workouts too. Only when these go hand in hand, will you achieve the desired results. If you focus on controlling your calories but do not exercise at all, you’ll take longer to lose weight as you do not burn the calories you eat by moving. 

Exercising regularly will help you to tone up your stomach, thighs, and arms. A combination of both is more effective for losing weight. The most crucial reason for indulging in this combination of diet and exercise is to maintain the right weight over a longer period. 

Some people exercise too much, which often leads to muscle and joint ailments, breathing-related issues and other health problems. Only a perfect balance of diet and exercise can help you to lose those inches in a healthy way. That is why dieticians suggest a gut-friendly diet to get all the energy to recover from various health issues. 

Exercising regularly adds a few years to life and keeps your mind sharp. A person who exercises is more active and has better concentration than the ones who do not move at all.

Going To Extremes

You might have followed through with multiple diet plans, for some quick fix up.  But we all know the results we produce in a short span of time don’t last long. The same is the case with extreme diets. This often leads to losing water weight or muscle mass tissue. In most cases, once you lose this weight, you return to consuming your previous diet. And before you know it, you gain all the weight you lost and more. 

To maintain a healthy weight long-term, you need to follow a balanced nutrition approach to lose weight rather than going on an extreme diet. Such diets often starve your body of essential carbohydrates, fiber, dietary fats, and protein. Also, they put your health in jeopardy, which disturbs the entire functionality. Because of some deficiencies, people become susceptible to many seasonal cases of flu.  

Count Your Calories

One should not only monitor what they’re eating but also how much they’re eating. Also the source you’re taking it from matters. If you’re putting food with empty calories, then you’re robbing your body of micronutrients. So it’s important to supply the body with vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and burn fat effectively. 

If your body doesn’t get the required amount of nutrients, you will have more hunger pangs. It’s very important to charge your body with healthy and quality food for best results.

Your meal should include lean proteins, unprocessed carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. These play a pivotal role in maintaining a good energy level in the body. You can take help from the diet charts to add food to the diet accordingly.

A balanced meal also helps in maintaining blood levels and controls your urge to try different foods every day.

Following Medical Advice

Many people who are on their journey towards weight loss require help from a healthcare professional. This doesn’t mean that all these people are patients of a medical condition that leads to fluctuations in body weight. 

Either way, when people are unable to lose weight with changes in diet and workouts, they can find licensed doctors and dieticians to help them out. In some cases, these doctors can recommend the use of marijuana or other dietary supplements, detox diets and what not to achieve the desired results. Clinics like Steady Care Medical provide MMJ recommendations as well as other forms of weight loss support that the patient might require. 


It’s been proven that diet and exercise both play a significant role in losing weight. With that, one should not give in to food cravings and be lazy to move around. Even light exercises help your body to maintain a healthy weight.

Take a good look at your current diet and add the nutrients which are not included in it. A few changes in it will not only enhance your energy levels but also help in losing weight. Moving a bit should be the most important part of life to maintain a good physique and avoid the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. 

If you’re planning to combine marijuana with your food, take a health professional’s recommendation for the dose to be taken. 

And, rewarding yourself with a cheat meal after a week of healthy eating and exercising is a good way to keep going.

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