There are several reasons why working in nursing is an excellent career choice. You not only get to save lives and assist people regularly, but you also know you’ll always have a job. Additionally, every day is a brand-new adventure. For nurses pursuing career advancement, achieving success in exams like COMLEX Level 2 can open doors to new opportunities. Understanding the COMLEX Level 2 percentile rankings can provide valuable insights into how one’s performance compares to other test-takers. By knowing their percentile ranking, nurses can assess their standing and make informed decisions to enhance their professional growth further and pursue their desired career paths.

All nursing students should be prepared to promote health equality through civic participation, involvement in public health and health-related policies, and communication through conventional and unconventional channels, such as social media and multisector coalitions. The online nursing program has made life easier for students. Check out how much is the NCLEX exam fee and online MSN nursing education program | UT Arlington. So, what are the current education trends for a nursing degree? Continue reading to know more.


It is hardly surprising that telehealth has taken off in nursing education, given the recent profound changes it has brought about in the healthcare sector. Many nurses nowadays are required to provide care remotely, either as their full-time position or as a component of an in-person nursing career. Hence, telehealth will be considered an essential aspect of nursing education in 2023.

Visiting Nurses

Again, the Covid-19 outbreak and staffing issues have increased the need for traveling nurses in recent years. Because of the rise in compensation, flexibility, and travel opportunities it offers, more nurses are selecting this career route to provide care. However, most students who eventually become traveling nurses will start their careers more conventionally since staffing firms need experience from traveling nurses.


Many nurses who have received nursing training nowadays also work as nursing writers. In addition to their primary responsibilities, nurses may now offer assistance and instruction without having to interact directly with patients.

Nurse authors may produce screenplays, novels, blogs, or articles. They may also be paid to fact-check articles or consult with other authors to ensure that depictions of medicine and healthcare are accurate. Hence, recent nursing education programs are paying more attention to developing good writing skills among students, and it is expected that this will be an essential part of the nursing program curriculum in 2023.


The workforce is not what it was fifty years ago. Entrepreneurs dominate today’s workforce, and nurses fit into this pattern. Entrepreneurial nurses decide to work as doulas, consultants, health coaches, and other professionals. Nurses have stepped forward to fill this demand as more and more individuals seek healthcare and guidance outside the typical hospital environment.

As business owners, nurses advocate for their patients by encouraging more prominent organizations and medical facilities to innovate and provide high-quality treatment. No of the line of employment they select, nursing educators should constantly remind their students that they have a responsibility to deliver high-quality care and present accurate information.

It’s crucial to recognize that not every nursing student will work in a typical nursing capacity while educating future nurses for the job. Nursing is developing new ways to treat patients better as their needs change. Also, nursing education helps them to avoid the medical errors. To effectively serve their patient population, no matter how that population looks or where that population is, educators must ensure that aspiring nurses are prepared for various tasks.

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