Scrubs have become more than just a uniform; they’re a symbol of the healthcare profession. However, the wide variety of scrub styles available today can make finding sets that fit well, suit your duties, and align with your personal aesthetic a daunting task.

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This guide is designed to simplify this process. It will walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for scrubs, helping you select the ensemble that best meets your needs. The goal is to find scrubs that not only serve their functional purpose but also empower you to feel confident and capable in your healthcare role. 

Let’s get started with finding the perfect scrub fit and look.

Choosing The Correct Fabric 

Understanding the different types of scrub fabrics is essential, as they can impact your comfort and performance at work. Here are some common scrub materials and their characteristics:

  • 100% Cotton: Known for its breathability, 100% cotton is soft and comfortable, making it ideal for long shifts. However, it tends to show wrinkles and stains more readily.
  • Cotton/Polyester Blends: These blends combine the breathability of cotton with the enhanced durability and stain/wrinkle resistance of polyester, offering a balanced option.
  • Performance Fabrics: Performance fabrics often blend spandex and polyester with cotton. This combination provides maximum flexibility and moisture-wicking properties while allowing athletic-style movement.

If you’re a doctor, choosing the right fabric for your scrubs is crucial, especially given the potential contact with bodily fluids. Opt for scrubs that blend functionality with protection, such as performance fabrics or cotton/polyester blends. These materials offer the durability, comfort, and flexibility needed to meet the demands of your work, ensuring scrubs for doctors are both practical and comfortable for long hours on the job.

Finding The Right Fit 

Selecting the right fit for your scrubs contributes to comfort, ease of movement, and a professional appearance during your shifts. This involves choosing between loose and fitted options, as well as considering the appropriate inseam and hemline to match your body type.

When it comes to the fit of your scrubs, you have two primary styles to consider:

  • Loose/Relaxed Fits: These scrubs are designed to be more generous through the waist, thigh, and hips. This design allows for flexible movement and the possibility of layering long-sleeved shirts or thermals underneath, making them a versatile choice for various climates and work settings.
  • Fitted/Tapered Cuts: These scrubs are contoured through the seat and thighs, providing a streamlined silhouette. They are ideal for petite frames or those who prefer a more tailored look without compromising on comfort and mobility.

Choosing the right inseam and hemline for your scrubs is just as important for comfort and professional appearance. The length of your scrubs can enhance your mobility and ensure a proper fit. Here are some options based on different heights:

  • Petite Pants: These are designed to prevent bunching and dragging for wearers who are 5’4″ and under. They provide a neat and professional look without the need for alterations.
  • Regular Inseams: These offer classic coverage and are typically suitable for individuals of average height. They balance comfort and mobility without compromising on style.
  • Tall Scrubs: These provide extra ankle coverage for those over 5’9″. They ensure a proper fit without the need for hemming and are ideal for taller individuals.

When trying on scrub sets, focus on identifying cuts that allow a full range of motion without restrictions or strain across shoulders, thighs, knees, and other key movement areas.

Selecting Scrub Style

Your personal preference significantly influences the style of your scrubs, which in turn reflects your personality and meets the demands of your work environment. The right style can enhance how colleagues and patients perceive you, contributing to a professional and approachable image. 

Below are some popular styles that combine function with fashion:

  • V-Necks: The versatile V-neckline is a popular choice. It layers well under outerwear while projecting a polished look, making it a practical and stylish option.
  • Mock Wrap Tops: These tops feature wrap-inspired necklines and side ties. They deliver both comfort and flexibility, offering a flattering fit without compromising on movement.
  • Tunics: Characterized by high-low hems (back hem is longer than the front) and loose silhouettes, tunics provide versatile coverage. This style is a comfortable choice for various body types.
  • Value Sets: These sets let you mix and match items from matching collections, using colors that change with the seasons. They offer variety and flexibility, enabling you to create a wardrobe that suits your style and needs.

With various style options available, you can find scrubs that suit your preferences around layering, coverage, and aesthetics.

Exploring Color Trends

Color is a defining aspect of your scrub selection. While traditional blues and greens have long been a common choice for many uniforms, the palette of scrubs has broadened to include bolder accent shades and patterns. Here are some options:

  • Vibrant Solids: Brights and jewel tones can add a dash of energy to your everyday attire, making your scrubs stand out.
  • Sophisticated Neutrals: Earthy, refined neutrals resist showing dirt or stains, making them a practical choice.
  • New Classics: These are on-trend muted blushes, slate blues, and olive-inspired green tones that offer a modern twist on the classic scrub colors.
  • Handy Prints: Whimsical or geometric patterns can add a touch of personality to your uniform, while also disguising inevitable wrinkling.

When choosing colors, consider factors such as staining potential, dress code guidelines, and your personal style preferences. The right color can enhance your professional image, boost your mood, and allow you to express your individuality, all while adhering to the standards of your workplace.

Crafting Your Ideal Professional Look

The expanding range of scrubs today makes finding the perfect fit, fabric, and style within reach for every healthcare professional. When selecting your scrubs, weigh factors like your work environment, exposure risks, and aesthetic preferences. 

Trying on different styles can uncover the best options for your needs, ensuring you remain comfortable and confident on the job. Ultimately, the right scrubs should not only meet functional requirements but also reflect your professional dedication and personal style.

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