Micro coil winding is very critical when it comes to the development of medical devices. It ensures that the devices are compact and they are highly efficient. With the advancement of medical technology micro coil winding is slowly picking up. In this article, we’ll discuss why it is very critical for the medical industry. We should also look into some of the key parameters that are important when it comes to micro coils. 

Importance of micro coil winding in the medical industry

It is a very clear understanding that the medical industry is growing by leaps and bounds. As the medical industry is progressing further, it is understandable that medical devices are also miniaturizing. The demand for miniaturized medical devices comes from the fact that they need to explore inaccessible areas within the human body. 

Micro coils are very thin wires which are thinner than human hair which makes them eligible for these devices. The thinner wire of the micro coils offers a greater surface area that helps in better data logging and monitoring. Moreover, the micro coils are highly stable when they are connected with each other using thermo compression bonding.

Keeping all these above points in mind, we can easily conclude that micro coils are one of the integral parts of the growth in the medical device industry. Now that we have understood the importance of micro coils within the medical devices industry, it is critical for us to know what are the key parameters that are involved in manufacturing.

Key parameters involved in micro coil device manufacturing

The number of turns of the micro-coil is one of the starting points to consider. During the micro coil winding process, the number of turns determines the strength of the magnetic field intensity. Based on the requirement, the number of turns can be customized.

Another critical factor is the thickness of the micro-coil wire. Thick micro coil wires are often not recommended. One of the major reasons why thick micro coil wires are not recommended is the fact that it will not be easily miniaturised. The focus is much more into the thin micro coil wires which have a better compressibility. 

The third factor to consider is the core of the micro coil devices. The core should be highly compatible with the microcoil that is being used such that it does not react against the magnetic or electric field.

And the last important parameter to consider during the device manufacturing is the shape of the micro coil winding. Based on the requirement, the microcoil devices can be manufactured in different shapes and it will impact the electrical and magnetic field accordingly.

Applications of micro coil devices in the medical industry

Micro coil devices find applications in the therapeutics and drug delivery domains. Owing to their small sizes, the micro-coils can also be very useful in cancer treatment. The future of the micro coil industry is very bright. The micro coil winding plays a very critical role within the micro coil industry which makes it an integral part of device manufacturing. 

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