Also known as medication abortion, the abortion pill is among the easily accessible and effective ways of ending a pregnancy. Nevertheless, the abortion pill is surrounded by controversy, with many wondering if it’s safe. If you’re one of those wondering about the safety of the abortion pill, keep reading.

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Is The Abortion Pill Safe?

While the abortion pill should be and is usually safe when working with a reputable doctor, sometimes it isn’t. Many doctors are professionals who can offer excellent services. Unfortunately, if you end up being prescribed the pill by a fake doctor, you might be provided with counterfeit medication, which can harm your well-being. Therefore, you must research an excellent doctor known to provide quality services for the abortion pill to be safe.

Where Do You Get The Abortion Pill?

There are several places where you can get abortion pills. Previously, one may only get abortion pills from clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. Now, some people purchase abortion pill online, while others do so from retail pharmacies. That said, you shouldn’t source yours just from anywhere, especially if you don’t know the legitimacy of the distributor.

For safety purposes, you should get the abortion pill from a reputable planned parenthood health facility. The health providers in such facilities will explain how to use the pills safely and properly.

How Does The Abortion Pill Work?

Medical abortion involves the use of two medicines, namely misoprostol and mifepristone.

When one is pregnant, their body requires progesterone to facilitate the pregnancy. If this hormone isn’t generated, the pregnancy experiences growth challenges. Now, this is where mifepristone comes in. Once a pregnant woman has taken this medication, their body stops making progesterone, stopping the pregnancy from progressing.

After taking mifepristone, you then take misoprostol. At this point, your doctor will direct you on how soon you need to take misoprostol. This medication facilitates cramping and bleeding to clear the uterus. The cramping is similar to a crampy period but a little more intense.

This medication should be provided by a trained, reputable doctor or a nurse who can assist you in case you experience severe side effects. The medication should also be provided at a health facility. If you can’t take the medication while at the facility, your doctor will provide guidelines on how and when to take it and the expected results.

When taking abortion pills from home, you should be alert to your body’s reactions. If you experience other side effects than the ones your doctor mentioned, call them as soon as possible.

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Is Seeking A Doctor’s Advice Before Taking The Abortion Pill Necessary?

Before using abortion pills, it’s vital to consult your doctor. They’ll evaluate your situation and run some tests to determine if the method is safe. It’s vital to understand that the abortion pill might generally be safe, but not for women with adrenal issues and bleeding disorders. Your doctor will prescribe another safe pregnancy termination method in such a situation.

In addition, a doctor can provide you with information about the legal implications of taking the abortion pill. Depending on where you live, there may be certain laws or regulations that you need to be aware of before taking it. Your doctor will educate you about these laws and regulations and help you make an informed decision.

Is The Abortion Pill Effective?

The abortion pill is among the most effective methods of pregnancy termination. However, like other medications, this method doesn’t work the same in all patients.

In some cases, the abortion pill is incomplete. This means all the tissue might not be terminated. A patient can experience excess bleeding and severe infection in such a case. Suppose this happens to you or your loved one. In that case, you should seek medical attention before the issue gets worse.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Abortion Pill?

While the abortion pill is effective, it isn’t for the entire pregnancy term. There’s a period when this pregnancy termination method works better. According to experts, the younger the pregnancy, the more effective the abortion pill is. It’s, therefore, advisable to consider this method if your pregnancy is younger than 77 days or 11 weeks. If the pregnancy is older than this, you might need an in-clinic abortion to terminate it.


Although illegal in some countries, the abortion pill is an effective pregnancy termination method used worldwide. The abortion pill should be safe, but its safety depends on how and when it’s used. Also, this method is safer for young pregnancies than older ones. Talking to a doctor who can assess your situation and provide legit pills to avoid complications is essential.


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