Is Private Rehab Worth the Cost?

Individuals suffering from addiction are in dire need to be properly treated and taken care of. There are two categories of institutes or hospitals that provide rehabilitation, care, and treatment: public rehabilitation centres via the NHS (in the UK) and private rehabilitation centres.

The stigma around addiction is damaging because it prevents people from seeking help, getting better, and building a life. Another barrier between those suffering from addiction and professional help is the money private rehab may cost to get the needed assistance.

We will be analysing private rehabilitation centres and giving you a cost-benefit analysis so that you can make the right choice for yourself or a loved one.

Individuals Currently in Need of Rehabilitation Facilities

More people suffer from addiction than we realise. The government is unable to accommodate all those who ask for substance rehabilitation services.

In 2017 in the US, approximately 20 million adults fought against a substance abuse disorder, and around three-quarters of those individuals struggled with alcohol abuse as well. In the UK, in 2019, the number of people who were admitted for alcohol problems were 337,870.

This constant rise in the need for alcohol rehab help has led to the establishment of a lot of private rehabilitation centres, and a lot of potential patients asking the question: is private rehab worth the cost?

Availability of Resources

The most outright and important difference between private and state-funded treatment is the accessibility and availability of residential rehab. Private rehabilitation centres are equipped to provide inpatient treatment services between 30-120 days, unlike their public counterparts who already have exceptionally limited resources, to begin with.

These insufficient resources are being shared across all the potentially millions of patients in the public healthcare system. This is not just limited to medicinal resources such as medicines, equipment and specialised rooms. It also stretches to trained personnel for consistent monitoring of the patients’ condition, which directly accounts for their ability to provide round-the-clock care and treatment for their clients. Private rehabilitation offers 24-hour residential care seven days a week.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Treatment in a private rehabilitation facility provides access to skilled professionals who can properly focus on you. This ensures you the best chance of successfully going through the rehabilitation process with minimal likelihood of relapsing.

The personalised plans take into account your pre-existing medical conditions, your lifestyle and your desires, as long as they don’t obstruct the treatment process.

Psychotherapy at Private Rehab Centres

The following psychotherapy treatments are provided by private rehabilitation facilities for long-term recovery:

  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: To help let go of the negative coping mechanisms and incorporate positive ones
  2. Dialectical Therapy: To help regulate intense and extreme emotions
  3. Motivational interviewing: To help you take charge of your healing process
  4. Family counselling: To help your family and loved ones understand your condition and help you cope with it

Public rehab centres are also not often equipped to handle any serious cases of addiction or substance abuse because they often lack funding for professionals to provide long-term therapy.

How Much Does Private Rehab Cost?

Private rehabilitation can cost anywhere from £8,000 to £30,000 for a 30-day plan. The variables that need to be taken into account are the location of the rehab centre, the sort of plan (regular, extended, detox-only) if there is a need for medically supervised detoxification and the length of treatment.

The treatment can also be covered by your private insurer. Make sure you contact them in advance to ask if the policy covers this specific treatment with the chosen rehab facility.

Having a fear of the prices causes delays. When it comes to alcoholism, treatment must be sought as soon as the problem occurs. This is why private rehab is preferred to waiting weeks for NHS-based outpatient treatment. The dangers of severe withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox are also serious, including Delirium Tremens. Hence, the private rehab price pays foo via 24/7 supervision, licensed and experienced addiction-focused professionals, medical staff on-site, and immediate admission options.


Private rehab does cost money, unlike NHS-offered equivalents, but there are many benefits which make things worth the price:

  1. Private rehab centres are where you can get treated individually.
  1. Private rehab centres have specialised staff and equipment available 24/7. They have a much better patient-staff ratio than publicly funded options.
  1. Public rehab centres do not have inpatient residency services nor offer round-the-clock monitoring services.
  1. Private rehab centres provide you with personalised plans tailored to your ailment and your lifestyle.
  1. Public rehab centres have limited state funding and resources and can not give you as good a chance at rehabilitation as private rehab centres can.
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