It isn’t always the most affordable or safe option despite seniors’ preference for aging at home. If you or your senior parent are considering retirement, there is another alternative to consider besides finding a retirement community. The popularity of senior group homes by Longhouse has grown over the past decade. To meet the needs of the millions of Baby Boomers entering retirement, group homes have emerged as an option for seniors. In addition to providing the same level of care as institutional retirement facilities, group homes offer a unique alternative to independent living.

The living situation in small-scale retirement homes is similar to that in group homes for people with disabilities. In recent years, smaller homes with up to eight bedrooms and shared areas such as kitchens and living rooms have become increasingly attractive to seniors. There are a number of benefits to moving to a senior group home, some of which are quite impressive.

Affordable Pricing

It is generally true that senior group homes cost much less than assisted living facilities and nursing homes, especially on a per-day basis. Those looking for a lower-cost living solution for their loved ones may consider group homes as an affordable option. The fees are even lower if you share a room with someone else.

Staff-to-Client Ratio

It is common for senior group homes to have a maximum of ten residents. It is commonplace that there will be two full-time staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fact that someone is always there to assist you when you need it means you will never be alone. An overworked nurse may have to care for dozens of residents simultaneously in a retirement home. Having a low staff-to-client ratio makes senior group homes more comfortable for residents.

Seniors looking for assisted living solutions typically do so because they need more assistance than they can get. Typically, a senior group home has a staff that is always available, regardless of the time of day. Every home is staffed with qualified healthcare providers 24 hours a day.

Customizable Care

As retirement facilities grow and become more institutionalized, providing specialized care for their residents becomes increasingly challenging. Full-time staff in a senior group home care for a small group of residents consistently, allowing them to learn more about their needs. Those with special dietary requirements or cognitive challenges will receive the one-on-one attention they require in a senior home.

Home-Like Environment

Leaving your family home for a large, cold retirement facility can be difficult. Unlike any other type of housing, senior group homes are designed to look and feel like any other type. Residents have their own bedrooms and share living rooms and kitchens. Residents of senior group homes feel like they are in a typical home, not an institution, thanks to the furnishings and decor that resemble an inviting home environment.

Doing the appropriate research is key if you are looking for senior living alternatives to assisted living. Whether you are looking for yourself or a cherished family member, you will need to consider the quality of life and other benefits offered by senior group homes. Find a top-rated senior adult home and request more information and a guided tour.

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