When a tiny human being is growing inside your belly, it’s so important to take care of your health. Pregnancy is a challenge for a woman – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your body needs more macro and micronutrients to support both you and your baby. Doctors say that a baby will take what he/she needs, even if it causes harm to the mother’s health – mother nature created us that way, so a rich and balanced diet and prenatal supplements are significant for a pregnant woman if you want to stay strong and healthy after bringing new life to this world.

Except for healthy eating, physical exercises, good rest, supporting mental health, and avoiding various dangers, what else can you do to stay healthy while pregnant? You should make sure your body gets enough nutrients for both you and your baby. Often, even the most well-thought ration is not enough, so doctors and nutrition specialists advise to use prenatal vitamins to supply a pregnant woman’s organism with everything needed.

What you should know about prenatal supplements 

You can find prenatal supplements in the form of tablets, soft gels, capsules, and chewable. Interesting fact: chewable and liquid forms of prenatal supplements are typically better tolerated than tablets.

There are basic micronutrients to look for in the composition of prenatal vitamins:

  • folic acid
  • iron
  • calcium
  • zinc
  • vitamins B1, B6, B12
  • vitamin D
  • iodine
  • DHA (omega-3 fatty acids)

Some vitamins are sold on prescription, others over-the-counter. However, you should remember that the quality of prenatal vitamins is essential, so it’s better to consult with a doctor as to which supplements are safer and suit your body best.

Also, you’ll get a recommendation as to when to start taking the vitamins – before conception, during, or after pregnancy. Mothers often give all their attention to a baby’s health, feeding them with natural breast milk or the best organic formula milk, and forget about their own health after giving birth. Don’t make this mistake – take care of yourself.

Benefits of prenatal vitamins

  1. Women who take prenatal supplements have a lower risk of stillbirths.
  2. Prenatal vitamins improve a future mother’s immune system and reduce the risk of infections.
  3. Pregnant women get more energy from prenatal vitamins to continue a comparatively busy lifestyle without getting too tired.
  4. Prenatal supplements improve anabolic processes so that a future mother’s body can support not only her own needs but the growing needs of the baby as well.
  5. Prenatal vitamins enhance the stress resistance of a pregnant woman, which influences the baby’s health a lot.
  6. Future mothers who take prenatal vitamins have higher levels of hemoglobin, iron is better absorbed by the body, and the general quality of blood improves.
  7. Some elements contained in prenatal vitamins help relieve morning sickness.
  8. And even for unborn children, the prenatal supplements their mothers take provide the fetus with essential nutrients for its normal development. Research shows that babies whose mothers took prenatal vitamins had fewer birth defects and health issues.
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