The healthcare industry is thriving thanks to the continued advancement in technology, medicine, research and drug development, and the like. Thus, careers involving the health and assistance of those in need have become very in demand during the past few years.

Along with the rise in the world population, the globe is said to have observed an increase in the number of individuals that have a disability. According to reliable reports, about 15% of the world’s population suffers from a disability ranging from physical to intellectual incapacity. Further, around 4% of people who suffer from these disabilities have difficulty functioning and need a form of help to live a close to normal life. This is why disability and community support workers have been on the rise across multiple continents.

If you’re planning to be a professional disability and community support worker, mapping your career should start now. Several types of disability worker jobs are available, but you need to qualify for the requirements before securing a career in the medical sector. This is specifically important because disabled individuals need specialized care and attention.

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Before diving in, you need to know what disability and community support workers do to prepare yourself for the journey to becoming one yourself too.

What’s A Disability And Community Support Worker

A disability and community support worker provides care and assistance to aged people and those living with disabilities in a health care facility or at their residence. They perform several job responsibilities to improve the quality of life of these people. Per employment data, disability and community support workers in the country earn salaries that are comparable to the national income average.

The responsibilities of a disability and community support worker include:

  • Personal hygiene assistance;
  • Mobility support;
  • Food and nutrition planning;
  • Driving patients to medical appointments;
  • Assistance with housework tasks;
  • Shopping assistance;
  • Accompany a patient to social events; and
  • Provide much-needed companionship.

An individual with a disability might feel lost in an ordinary world and somebody who’ll be able to understand their predicament will be essential. More than the number of tasks a worker needs to perform daily, it’s necessary to provide companionship and friendship.

That’s why, aside from the technical requirements, a disability and community support worker must deeply understand how to conduct professional behavior while at work. This includes having compassion, understanding, patience, and resilience.

Steps In Becoming A Certified Disability And Community Support Professional

If you wish to become a disability and community support worker, here’s how you can secure a position in this field:

  1. Finish Your High School Education

One of the job requirements is to have completed a high school education. It’s vital that at least you have completed this primary education since some of the tasks require you to use mathematics, such as measuring food quantities and medicine. 

  1. Secure A Diploma in Community Services

A diploma in community services will expose you to the skills needed and allow you to experience actual scenarios in individuals and communities to prepare you for the real job. Exposing yourself to the rigors of the job will open your mind and assess if this is something you want and can do. 

  1. Get A Driver’s License

One of the responsibilities you must carry out is driving your patient to medical appointments. You must have a driver’s license to ensure your patient’s safety. Aside from going to medical appointments, you may need to take them to social events if there are any that they want to partake in as well.

They may also request that you bring them to see their family, friends, or relatives. This is important for their emotional stability, so safely getting them to these places is vital to their general wellness. 

  1. Become Certified

Many healthcare institutions will require that you have healthcare training. There are several training institutions and colleges that offer these. You may enroll in whichever modality suits your schedule and preference.

There’s an on-campus study mode that you can finish in six months. There’s also comprehensive academic online learning that you can accomplish in a more extended period and finish at your own pace. You may enroll in a Certificate in Disability, Aged Care, or a Certificate in Individual Support. These pieces of training are accredited and recognized by many health care institutions. 

  1. Ensure You’re Physically Fit For The Job

To become a disability and community support worker, you need stamina and excellent health. You may be standing for long periods or assisting your patient with lifting and supporting their weak body. Before diving into this work, you must ensure that you’re physically fit and have been taking vitamins for immunity.

In your line of work, you may be tasked to clock in for eight hours a day for five days a week. And if your body isn’t prepared for this kind of rigorous work, you might get sick or suffer from body pains. 


A job in the healthcare industry is said to be very rewarding and self-fulfilling, yet it’s not for everybody. Care providers give top-level treatment to their patients so that they can lead fruitful and productive lifestyles, including people with disabilities.

For individuals that require special care, a professional disability and community support worker can help them out. Are you interested in helping people like them? Then you’re calling might be to become a licensed medical expert. Before you dive in on the journey to becoming a certified disability and community support worker, keep in mind the insights mentioned above to help you out along the way.

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