MCT oil is a health supplement popularized by athletes. The processed oil is sourced from coconut oil, yogurt, and other whole foods. Medium-chain triglyceride, or MCT, contains medium-length fat chains known as triglycerides. The shorter-length MCT chains are easier to digest than other fatty acids.

Beyond understanding what MCT oil is, you might also be interested in the most significant reasons to add this oil supplement to your eating plan.

MCT Oil Can Reduce Calorie Intake

This oil supplement can help you consume fewer calories in a day. Studies suggest that MCT oil promotes the release of the hormones responsible for feelings of fullness, leptin, and peptide YY. Therefore, this supplement can help you feel less hungry throughout the day. Reducing daily calorie intake is primarily beneficial for those hoping to achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

Decrease Weight

Some studies show that MCT oil can alter body composition and weight; the oil will help you shed pounds and centimeters. Because your body quickly converts MCTs into ketones, you’ll have a good source of fat-based energy when carbohydrate consumption is lowered.

You’ll Burn Fat For Energy

While the ketogenic diet encourages the body to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates, MCT oil offers similar results even for those who don’t follow low-carb eating plans. However, you will need to exercise to experience these results; studies show that athletes who consume MCT oil before performing use more fat for energy than carbs.

MCT Can Help Treat Various Health Conditions

Aside from offering effective weight loss, MCT offers far more impressive benefits. This oil supplement is often used to treat various health conditions ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s.

While the ketogenic diet is commonly used to manage seizures in epileptic patients when anti-epileptic drugs don’t suffice, the body efficiently converts MCTs into ketones, which can help reduce seizure frequency and severity.

When managing Alzheimer’s disease, MCT oil is used outside of a ketogenic diet to encourage patients to consume more carbs while still producing more ketones. The extra carbs make it easier for patients to conform to the eating plan for extended periods. Nevertheless, MCT oil can reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms effectively.

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Whether your blood sugar levels are low or high, adding MCT oil to your diet can help you manage these levels better. Studies show this oil can reduce body weight, waist circumference, and insulin resistance. Even a small amount of MCT oil can improve blood sugar control after meals.

Improve Brain Health

This particular health supplement might be effective in treating some health conditions due to its ability to improve brain health. The oil is converted into ketones that can also be used to fuel the brain, leading to an immediate improvement in cognitive functions.

Other supplements that improve brain health include omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium tablets, ashwagandha root, and B-group vitamins. When using supplements to boost health, it’s vital to use the correct dosage, find a high-quality product and consult your healthcare practitioner. 


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