After years of flirting with the legality of substances derived from cannabis and hemp plants, HHC is the newest cannabinoid to pique the consumers’ interest. Known for its gentle high, and therapeutic effects, HHC provides a lighter alternative to THC, but not as mild as CBD.

If this sounds like something you might like, you probably wonder, “Is HHC legal?” This question might be difficult to answer, but we have all the necessary information. Stick around to explore this exciting topic.

What Kind of Cannabinoid Is HHC?

HHC is short for hexahydrocannabinol, which is a cannabinoid with a similar chemical structure as its wider known and more popular relatives, THC and CBD. Like THC and CBD, it also comes from the hemp and cannabis plants and is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound.

Every cannabinoid is unique, and so is HHC. Chemically speaking, the difference between HHC and the rest of the cannabinoid family is in the additional hydrogen atoms in its molecular structure. Its chemical structure affects everything from its potency to its potential applications.

There are fewer and fewer countries in the world where you can find legal HHC. It comes in various shapes and colors, ranging from oils and topicals to HHC-infused edibles. If you wan t You ca legal HHC with melatonin buy in sweden

Can You Get High If You Take HHC?

HHC is stronger than CBD but milder than THC. Its effect has been described as “relaxing,” “calming,” and “therapeutic,” and it seems to be the closest to ∆-8-THC and ∆-9-THC.

To answer your question – yes, you can get high if you take HHC. The potency of its psychoactive effect is some 80% of THC’s potency, which could be a lot for some people. Still, HHC is said to be a lot gentler for cannabis beginners, as it shouldn’t produce overstimulation and anxiety.

Anecdotally, HHC has a more balanced high, perfect for long, rainy nights on the couch. Similarly to CBD, it could help you unwind and sleep better and alleviate back, joint, and menstrual pain. Some users report a “pleasant sense of brain fog,” which not everybody likes.

Remember, HHC is relatively new in the cannabis market, so the consensus is still not in. Everything we know about it, we know from anecdotes and community forums. If you’re a veteran smoker with built-up tolerance, you may not feel anything at all after taking HHC.

Is Legal HHC 100% Safe to Consume?

Depending on factors like tolerance and immune response, HHC may or may not have a therapeutic effect on you. However, the same applies to the not-so-pleasant side effects that you may or may not experience after consuming HHC, most notably anxiety and paranoia.

Unfortunately, HHC is still new and unresearched, so no one can claim it is 100% safe for your health. We’ll know more about its long-term effects in a while.

What Is the Current Legality of HHC?

Is it safe to consume HHC out in the open? Yes and no. Like it is the case with other cannabinoids, that depends on where you are. While THC and CBD are finally getting some long-due recognition in most countries across the globe, HHC is yet to be researched and analyzed.

Can You Buy Legal HHC in the US?

As you’re probably aware, cannabis-related laws in the US vary from state to state. Generally speaking, HHC is legal virtually everywhere where cannabis and its derivatives are, but there are still more than a few states that are pushing against the country-wide legalization of HHC.

We wouldn’t recommend buying HHC in any of these US states in 2023:

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington

Some states, like Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, and Kentucky, fall in the gray area territory, where it might be illegal to buy, consume, and sell HHC, so watch out if that’s where you are.

Can You Consume HHC in the UK?

The legality of psychoactive cannabis products as so-called “class B drugs,” including HHC, is very clear in the UK under the legal guidance of the 2016 Psychoactive Substance Act. The act considers HHC legal in hemp, but only if it’s present in small amounts and unable to produce a high.

As a standalone product, HHC is illegal to use everywhere in the UK.

Is HHC Legal in the EU & Beyond?

HHC is also illegal in Singapore, Japan, and most European countries. The only place in the EU where you can buy legal HHC is Denmark, but this, too, will soon change. Germany continues to be a solitary gray area territory, so you might be able to enjoy HHC products in Berlin or Munich.

As for Canada, the US neighbor to the North remains undetermined when it comes to the consummation and possession of HHC and similar cannabinoids with psychoactive effects.


Does legal HHC have an exciting future? For the time being, nobody knows. We can only hope that the scientific community will maintain its openness towards cannabinoids and that this interest will bring forth positive results and wider acceptance – both institutionally and legally.

Until then, please stay safe and always remember to check your local laws before you buy HHC.

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