Hygiene is a singular important thing that we must all take care of personally to even have the public appeal we desire. Regular students of yoga understand this more than anyone because of how sweaty yoga activities can get. To successfully manage the sweat, you need to wear the right clothing to your yoga classes. This means purchasing yoga shorts, Capri yoga pants, tops and even leggings to use for training. First timers can purchase yoga wear from stores online or brick and mortar options that have a great catalogue to choose from.

While buying the right yoga wear is a top priority, you also have to familiarize yourself with how to properly take care of and wear yoga pants. In this guide you will find tout the impact of good care on the durability of your yoga apparel. People also have an issue with what under garments to wear along with yoga gears which is also handled in the details below.

What you should know before washing your yoga wear

It is common to find yoga gear besides other training material to be made from Lycra, polyester and even spandex. The one common trait all of these materials share is their ability to wick moisture which in this case is the body sweat while working out. That makes them very unique and hence must be washed with care if they are to last. Check out some of the basic conditions to keep in mind before you commence cleaning your yoga clothes after training.

Do not wash instantly

After an intense workout session, what you need to do is let your clothes to air dry and lose the sweat before you wash them. Drying is also an effective way to rid the clothes of the strong workout odour before you wash them. Drying is also encouraged before washing to make it easier to wash the stains off hence an easy time. You however have to hang the workout clothes when sweaty far from other clothes to avoid the odour on your fresh clothes.

Use vinegar for soaking

After drying out all the sweat from your clothes, you should prepare soaking water. Naturally people use detergents for regular clothes however for gym and yoga wear, vinegar will work just fine. Vinegar is perfect because it rids your clothes of the foul smell build up on them when you are working out. Soaking the garments for an hour is beneficial in simplifying the cleaning process and how the clothes smell afterwards.

Use cold water for washing

As you already know, polyester, nylon and spandex are materials that should be treated careful when cleaning. You are for instance not allowed to wash any of your yoga wear in hot water. Their fabrics as susceptible to damage and stretching when exposed to hot temperatures. They are therefore likely to lose their stretching ability which will then make them uncomfortable when you are enjoying your yoga sessions. The durability of the yoga apparels is likely to worsen over time if you persist cleaning them with hot water as opposed to cold water.

Do not use fabric softeners

After finishing the washing process, you should not rinse the yoga wear with fabric softeners. This is not ideal because of the damage that the softener can cause to the fabrics of the training clothes. Even though people use fabric softeners to rid the clothes of training odour, use of vinegar can still be as effective without jeopardizing the durability of the yoga wear.

Odour eliminator can help

If the odour persists despite taking your clothes through all the above stages of cleaning, try using other alternative methods. There are options like odour eliminator which can give your apparel the right fresh scent you want. Rinsing the clothes with vinegar after washing is also another great way to get rid of the odours that persist on the clothes. Lastly when push comes to shove, an anti-odour spray could just work the magic and can be found easily in stores near you. This is necessary to keep your gear smelling fresh and avoid being a nuisance to others in the yoga studio.

Air them out to dry

Now that your clothes are clean, do not rush to machine dry them to save time. This is effective in drying but downplays the longevity of the apparel in the long run. Use special hangers to hang out the clothes in the sun to dry faster and effectively.

Try washing inside out

Wash your clothes inside out for a better chance of cleaning both inside and outside perfectly. The other reason why you should turn your clothes inside out when washing is to reduce colour leakage. It is besides the ideal way to protect the outside part from heat damage when drying them out in the sun which should also not be for a long time.

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