If you are moving to Ontario, Canada, either as a student or for work, you might be wondering about how the healthcare system works. It is widely known that Canada offers free healthcare for their citizens, but how much does it cover, and do you still need a healthcare plan?

Many Canadians have a health insurance plan to protect themselves and their family from all of the out-of-pocket medical expenses. That is to say: with coverage from a healthcare plan, you have the peace of mind that you can afford whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

What Is The Best Health Insurance Plan In Ontario?

So what about if you’re moving to Ontario? Naturally, the Canada health care system varies according to different plans — each one of which offers something a little different depending on what kind of resident you are and what province you are planning to stay in. 

For Ontario residents, however, the OHIP is a unique healthcare plan that covers a range of eventualities, including all doctor visits, clinic visits, tests, treatment, surgeries and more. What’s more, you don’t need to have been an Ontario resident for very long before you can utilise it.

How Can I Apply For The OHIP?

If you have been living in Ontario for only 153 days, you can qualify for the OHIP. A minimum requirement, however, is that Ontario is your primary home and that you have a valid work permit that covers at least six months. Either this or you will need to prove that you’ve applied to the IRCC for permanent residence. 

In order to actively apply for the OHIP, all you need to do is book an appointment with the Service Ontario Centre and bring documents that prove you are a citizen of Ontario, living in Ontario, and a passport – or legal document – that proves you are the person you claim to be. As well as this, you need to complete an Ontario Health Coverage Form.

Is The OHIP Worth It?

If you’ve moved from the US, specifically, you’ve probably already noticed the astonishing differences between Canada and US healthcare, but that doesn’t mean you can take a backseat when it comes to insurance. The worst thing to happen as an immigrant is to work out what to do after becoming ill or injured in a new place, especially if care is way more than you can afford – or refused, full stop. The OHIP means that you are covered – even for hospital dental procedures – and you do not have to stress about those eventualities. 

As well as this, the plan also allows Ontario residents to travel or work anywhere within Canada, with continued OHIP coverage for as long as a year. This gives you the freedom to experience the country – whether for work or for travelling purposes – without going through the difficulties of applying for new health insurance. 

One of the reasons Canadian life expectancy is increasing is in no small part due to its developing healthcare system. The OHIP is available for all Ontario residents and can last your whole life. It’s super easy to apply for. Make sure, if you’ve been living in Ontario for six months and intend to call it your home for a long time, that you take the time to apply and cover yourself for the future.

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