Humans appeared on Earth almost seven million years ago. The growth curve has been extravagant, at the very least. If the theory of Evolution is correct, we started walking on four legs, and now we are making robots walk us around. Civilization first started around the river, but now we make the water come to us.

From Mayan civilization to Harrapan, the name may differ, but the core values remain the same. Personal hygiene and growing food are some of the critical pointers for any civilization since the beginning of humankind. The hygiene activity relates to taking care of the body parts and the surroundings around the individual. It also adds to the well-being of human beings.

Several tribes are known to have certain rituals which link to various parts of the body. The trend is pretty common in the tribes of Africa. Many people color their hair with a specific color, many cut their eyelashes, and many get certain marks on their bodies. These marks are often a symbol of the tribe which they represent or their faith.

The practices can look strange from the outside, but it is a part of their religious and cultural beliefs. When these tribes traveled to North America, it expanded their culture. One of the best parts of being a human being is to spread your religious and cultural practices across the world. The more you travel, the more you transfer these practices to other cultures.

One such practice is circumcision. Many see it as taboo, but it is a widespread and common practice. The common theme among the present human being is that circumcision is only related to one religion. However, this is not the case, as the practice of circumcision is common among many communities. It is not only related to personal hygiene but also as a safety practice.

Why Circumcision?

Circumcision is the practice of removing the foreskin from the tip of the human penis. Kids, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens can get the procedure done. It is possible in varying age groups as the need arises. The family beliefs and cultural practices make their kids get operated on, and adults get it done due to several infections related to the penis. The senior citizens get it done to prevent several sexual and penis infections. If not done at the right time, the impact can be severe as the infection might spread to other parts of the body. However, the struggle starts after the procedure.

The surgery is looked at by many as taboo, and many do not come out for help. The number tells a different story. A study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that more than 75 percent of Americans get operated on for circumcision. Most of them fail to seek help after the procedure, which might lead to a slow recovery. It can be critical for the ones who are in serious condition and might lead to further complications.

The article will guide you through the five quick ways which can make the circumcision wound heal easier-


Fire might well be the best invention humans have ever made. Not the fire itself, but because of its multipurpose use. One of the many uses it can achieve is warm water. Warm water has many medicinal qualities, and the fact is not new to the medical community.

The modern method of filtration of water might be effective, but they are not perfect. Warming the normal water not only removes the harmful germs but also imparts more medicinal qualities to it.

Warm water is beneficial for circumcision wounds. Apply it slowly on the wound and massage it. It can be a daily practice or as prescribed by doctors. Many surgeons recommend that the massage should be slow and precise to the wound.


As the saying goes, there is an ointment for everything. After the circumcision procedure, many surgeons recommend different kinds of formulas. These ointments can be of varying chemical composition and company.

Though, there is a common factor which is pain-relieving enzymes. The enzymes act on the wound and provide instant relief to the consumer. The ointment also reduces inflammation, which also improves the area in a short time. The pain recedes, which helps the individual to work effectively and be productive.


Ice might be the opposite of fire, but it is effective. Many of us cannot imagine our life without them. They are essential in soft drinks liquor, and ice creams. The other use of them remains medicinal. They are perfect for wounds or swelling at any part of the body.

The cooling effect also reduces inflammation, which directly reduces pain. One of the unique selling points is its ease of use and wide availability. Put some of the ice in a clean cloth and apply it to a specific area.

In the case of a circumcision wound, it might take some hours to get any positive effects. The slow response pushes it a tier below the ointment, but the cost compensates for it.


Water is a part of everyday life unless someone decides to replace it with alcohol. The idea has been tested but has always led to failure. Jokes aside, we have all read about how water is essential for our daily functioning. The amount may vary from two bottles to four, but each one of us takes it.

Water does not look like medicine, but when you ask doctors, they make it sound like it is more than medicine. Drinking loads of water can reduce inflammation and help with the pain in the swollen area. It can also help with several urinary infections, which is an added benefit.


One of the best ways to recover from a circumcision operation is to take proper rest. Many surgeons recommend it, but like always, patients think they know better. Degrees do matter here, and if a doctor prescribes you to take a week off from work after the surgery, it is best to comply. Rest ensures that the body recovers quickly, which is best in the long term.


Circumcision is an easy process if the surgeon is an expert. The conditions should be clean, and general hygiene should be at the center. The wound may take weeks to heal and months in some cases. Putting the above ways into use will make the wound heal quickly.

More discussion needs to take place to spread awareness among the people.

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