Having a First Aid Box in Your Car

Whether your car is just to get you to place, work, schools, home, holidays, or you love driving, being on the open roads, exploring, it is a very good idea to have personal first aid kit in your vehicle. Take long road trips to new places and see gorgeous parts of the country you might not have even known existed. All with a first aid in the car for those just in case situations. That along with some fuel money, snacks, music and maybe company. Sounds like a great trip.

A first aid kit for your car

Having a first aid box in the car is one of the most important items you will keep in the car. You need to put it together with travelling in mind. While there are many things that are similar to a first aid kit in your home or at work, there are some things that are more specific to being in the car. You will need things like adhesive bandages, a mask, medical tape, safety scissors, gauze, antibiotic cream, headache pills, contact numbers, sterile wipes and tweezers. Make sure you keep things compact so no space is wasted. The box you keep it in needs to be watertight and durable. Metal or rigid plastic is best. It is possible if there is an accident that the kit will get thrown around and banged so this kind of box ensures the things inside remain safe. Rather than putting it out of the way it should be somewhere you can reach it in an accident.

Additional items to consider

As well as having a personal first aid kit in the car there are some other things that can be very handy in case of an emergency or accident, or a breakdown. A safety blanket to stay warm in case you break down and it is cold. A safety blanket is better than a regular blanket because it folds up very small but keeps a person warm. Some shelf-stable snacks in case you are waiting in your car for a long time. A bottle of water you replace now and then for the same reasons. These are not items you need with your work or home first aid kit, but make sense to have with your car kit.


If you are concerned about packing the car first aid box because you are worried about forgetting something then there are some ready-made kits that are geared towards different needs, personal, pets, work, car and such. You can look online and you can also check out car supply shops, camping stores, outdoor shops. If you think of something that a kit does not have, you can always add to it yourself. Staying safe on the road is easier when you have the right tools and supplies. Keep the people with you safe as well by keeping first aid supplies in the vehicle.

Safety in any form comes first and having a first aid kit or anything of that sort is just so important. Usually one will never even realize that having a first aid kit in the car can be handy but when the need arises you would be glad you have one.

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