Canada is one of the countries in the world that has a thriving cannabis market. In 2020, the cannabis market made around $7 billion in sales. Part of these sales include marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates, and other cannabinoid containing products. This vast selection of weed gives marijuana users hundreds of different ways to experience the recreational and therapeutic effects of cannabis. 

You can smoke a blunt, dab with concentrates, or use topicals on your skin. You can always find an option that will suit your preference. All these ways provide exceptionally incredible highs or relieving effects to the user. 

One of the best alternatives to the classic joint or blunt is edibles. This is a product that plenty of brands offer in different forms, flavours, and cannabinoid content. One of which is Twisted Extracts in Canada

This article will discuss the benefits these edibles offer users and what cannabinoids you can try.

What are Twisted Extracts in Canada?

Twisted Extracts is an edible brand that comes in various cannabinoids and flavours. It’s a high-quality edible that can be enjoyed for recreational or medical use. If you are into jelly bombs, bites, and caramel melts, these products would be ideal for you. Additionally, their benefits are excellent for those looking for effective medical marijuana. 

The Benefits

Using Twisted Extracts can provide a fantastic approach to controlling your pain, tension, and anxiety while enhancing your energy and focus. The particular combinations of extracts and substances are designed to provide you with relief swiftly and effectively. 

Additionally, they are dependable, safe to consume, and straightforward to store, allowing you to always have them on hand for use when you need them. 

More Vitality and Focus

You can use Twisted Extracts to keep your focus and energy levels high all day long. They might offer a solution whether you need to focus on a specific task or an energy boost for a night out. These products can enhance your concentration and alertness without making you uncomfortable. On days when you don’t quite have enough energy to get through the day, Twisted extracts also help to alleviate weariness, which can be quite beneficial. 

It is vital to consume them in the specified dosage. Taking too much can have potentially undesired effects. 

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in Canada. One out of 10 Canadians suffer from the disorder. Stress is a mental and emotional state a person experiences due to work, relationship, and finance. Prolonged stress can lead to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, substance abuse, and heart problems. 

Stress and anxiety are among the two reasons why Canadians take weed. The effects of cannabinoids can relieve users of these conditions. These cannabis-infused gummies are a fantastic remedy for anxiety and tension. They include a variety of THC and CBD ingredients specially formulated to address various degrees of stress and anxiety. CBD can soothe anxiety and stress, and THC induces its effect by binding to the endocannabinoid system. This might be what you need to get back on track if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You can relieve tension and anxiety naturally with Twisted Extracts. There are various options to choose from, like THC products to have a cannabis high or simply medical benefits with no psychoactive effects from CBD. 

Relieving Pain

Pain can be managed naturally with the use of cannabis. You may rely on these products to provide relief without causing negative side effects as they are produced with high-quality ingredients.

You don’t have to spend money on a solution that works temporarily since cannabis extracts are specifically designed to deliver long-lasting comfort. Additionally, Twisted Extracts are simple to use, making them the best choice for anyone unfamiliar with cannabis products. Twisted Extracts come in multiple varieties, so you can surely find a flavour you like best.

Easy to Consume

Unlike smoking or dabbing weed, taking edibles like Twisted Extracts is easier. These products look exactly like a regular treat, which means you can consume one or two pieces without giving anyone a clue that it contains cannabis. It’s the perfect marijuana product for those who want discretion. You can carry them around without anyone recognizing what it is, no matter where you are.

Strong Effects

People can experience more potent and long-lasting high when eating edibles compared to inhaling cannabis. The liver’s conversion of THC partially causes this intensity into a more potent form after consumption. 

When marijuana is used orally, the THC from the original product and the potent form of THC created by your liver might affect how high you feel. People unfamiliar with edibles should check the product’s THC content and start with edible cannabis products with lower doses of THC and gradually increase. 

What to Choose, THC or CBD?

Now you know the benefits of using this edible, you have to select which cannabinoid meets your preferences. Choosing a cannabinoid will depend on the impact you want to experience. With the right choice, you can take full advantage of the benefits that this edible has to offer.

CBD and THC have entirely distinct effects on the body when consumed. While both substances can reduce anxiety, induce sleep, and ease pain, THC is more renowned for producing a euphoric high. On the other hand, people feel clear-headed after consuming CBD. The difference between the effects of these cannabinoids can be a factor when choosing a cannabis edible.

THC easily fits into the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, which is how it causes intoxication and relieves pain. One of the reasons CBD doesn’t give you a high is that it doesn’t attach to these two receptors. Instead, CBD raises the body’s natural levels of endocannabinoids. These substances reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and ease pain, among other things.


If you’re looking to experience the effects of cannabis, you can try Twisted Extracts. Whether you want to get high from THC or relieve anxiety and depression symptoms with CBD, you can find a product that can meet your needs. Choose an edible with a dosage you are comfortable using so you can enjoy the effects without getting anxious and overwhelmed.

The best way to access cannabis edibles like Twisted Extracts is to buy from reputable online dispensaries like Grasslife. Grasslife offers a wide selection of lab-tested marijuana edibles from high amounts of THC, CBD, and both. You can buy your favourite weed without getting to leave the comfort of your home with their door-to-door delivery service.

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