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You probably already heard a lot about CBD and its effects. By now, most people know that CBD can help with all kinds of pain. It can also help with depression and anxiety and prevent various mental and physical issues.

However, chances are you didn’t know that CBD can also help boost energy. It might sound strange, but CBD can help increase energy levels and make you more productive. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

But before we start discussing how CBD affects energy levels, let’s first learn more about it.

Composition of CBD

The Hemp plant has many different components, and CBD is one of them. However, unlike most of the other hemp components, CBD has no psychoactive effects whatsoever, and it doesn’t help enhance them in any way. Simply put, when taking CBD, you won’t get high like with marijuana.

CBD is produced in many different forms. The most popular option is CBD oil. However, there are other versions, including:

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Pills
  • Creams
  • Vaping packs

CBD is an entirely natural compound that can be combined with different ingredients. It’s used for a wide range of issues. Now let’s see how it affects energy levels.

CBD Oil and The Endocannabinoid System

Before we start talking about CBD and energy, we first need to understand how CBD interacts with our bodies. More specifically, we need to understand the “endocannabinoid system” or ECS. This system is very important physiologically, and it helps with homeostasis and overall health.

The ECS is a complicated system that has a vital role in completing different biological processes that help our bodies function properly, including our energy levels. The ECS is designed to help maintain homeostasis and ensure that the internal processes are stable even if the exterior factors change.

This system signals the body through enzymes, receptors, and endocannabinoids. These all work together with physiological systems and can be found in the brain, organs, cells, glands, and so on.

The Effects of CBD Oil on The Body

All the CBD effects in the body come from its interaction with the ECS. You probably didn’t know that our body produces cannabinoids naturally, along with endocannabinoids. All of them interact and circulate throughout the whole ECS.

These cannabinoids are always active, and this is why they need some help. When taking CBD, the interaction with the system happens through two endocannabinoid receptors- CB1 and CB2.

CBD brings homeostasis to a balanced level. It helps the entire ECS system to do its job more efficiently. When working for a long time on its own, the ECS can get disrupted, resulting in weakened support. Subsequently, this can cause various health issues.

Luckily, you can have stable homeostasis with CBD. That leads to overall balance within the body, fluid processes, smooth energy flow, and optimal health.

How Can CBD Oil Boost Energy Levels

In 2014 Current Neuropharmacology published an article that showed that there is solid potential for using CBD as an agent for waking up. At the same time, this same research found that injecting small doses of CBD into the hypothalamus leads to increased neuron activity.

That, in turn, caused increased alertness, wakefulness, and dopamine levels to rise. Other studies concluded that CBD has antioxidant properties. Over time, organic molecules got damaged and become harmful free radicals. Antioxidants restore these molecules and give your body a better natural balance.

Simply put, all organic molecules are also energized and rejuvenated. Furthermore, CBD can improve mood by affecting anandamide, a molecule in charge of mood, and CBD protects it and prevents its deterioration. There still isn’t any research about how these mechanisms work precisely, but they do.

Best CBD Products for Boosting Energy

We mentioned earlier that there are many different CBD products out there. They not only look different, but they also have different tastes, work differently, and have a distinctive smell. Simply put, not all of them are suited for the same use or person.


CBD oil can quickly give you a necessary boost of energy. Furthermore, it can be concentrated so that you can take just a couple of drops.

CBD Capsules

Capsules work slower than CBD because it takes time for them to dissolve. However, they are the best option for dosing accurately.

CBD Edibles

Taking CBD through edibles is a delicious way of incorporating it into your daily routine. You can find these in the form of gummies, chocolates, and much more.

Bottom Line

If you want to try out CBD for energy, don’t go over the recommended dosage. At the same time, take the dose before you go out to do something – avoid taking it before you go to bed.

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