Beautiful women come in different shapes and sizes. We might not always want to fall for the society’s norms of how one should look. But we should embrace curves in every size and hold a positive body image. This thought gives us the confidence to face the world fearlessly. But sometimes we would also like our body to look a certain way that may not be naturally possible. Advancement in cosmetology and medicine can help us achieve the looks that we desire.

Our breasts are an intimate organ, and we all are well acquainted with how ours look at different times of our lives. Our breasts differ from each other in size, shape, and overall looks. And, of course, sometimes we desire a different size or shape of the breast than what we were gifted, and cosmetic surgeries come handy in that case. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure utilized around the world, and each year, more teenagers and women are choosing this option. Breast reconstruction is also a common choice of individuals post-mastectomy. So, if you are considering a breast augmentation surgery, then here are six interesting facts you need to know about this procedure.

  1. The number of people going through this procedure is on a steady rise:

In 2018 alone, over 3 lakh women and teenagers underwent breast enlargement procedures. According to Dr Sandra Krishnan, above 1 lakh cancer patients went through a breast augmentation after a mastectomy. This type of steady increase in number is surprising, given only 1 lakh procedures took place in the year 1997. The quantity has tripled in the years. These numbers reflect quite a surprising statistic because breast implants were not FDA approved until 2006 even though breast implants have been around since the 1960s. The lack of safety studies around these implants did not stop women, especially in the ’90s who used silicone gel implants. Today there is strict regulation around saline or silicone gel implant manufacturers to ensure proper safety.

  1. Breast implants can look like your real breasts:

A familiar doubt among people considering breast augmentation is how these implants would look and feel. The implants may not feel like the real ones completely as this depends on the material of choice. But from the outside, it seems the same. Surgeons often discuss with the party about the look and feel expected from the implants. There are options available based on the requirements. The discussion will help understand which of these options are most viable based on the size, shape, and scar tissue of the person`s breast.

You need to understand that in the hands of the right surgeon, you will be able to get the implants that will look as realistic as possible. When it comes to breast augmentation with implants, it is all about choosing the most experienced and seasoned plastic surgeon that is also an artist! A lot of how your breast augmentation will turn out depends on post-operative care. Your plastic surgeon will be able to work with you in terms of removing any surgical marks whatsoever. However, you will be able to only benefit from this when you are selecting the best centre and surgeons for the procedure. 

The breast feels sensitive and out of shape post-surgery for a few days. Compression bras help bring the breasts to shape and depending on the implant, natural movements, or massages can help bring them back to proper shape as desired. The real look is visible only after a few days of surgery or based on the breast implants recovery timeline. These implants look very similar to real ones. Implants are also useful for women who are looking for reconstruction post-mastectomy.

  1. There are a wide variety of options available in terms of implant choices:

Among the various varieties of implants available, Saline and silicone gel are the most common types used across the world. Silicone-filled implants give a natural texture and feel somewhat comfortable compared to the rest. The next option available is saline or saltwater implants. These feel quite firm and look very uniform. However, this uniformity makes it look slightly unnatural. The reason is that natural breasts may have lots of imperfections, and hence saline implants sometimes may look quite odd. Saline implants are therefore appropriate for achieving high lift for breasts, especially in cases of mastectomy. Breast augmentation in Omaha, NE, suggest that filling the implants can help achieve a more natural look and feel. Another type of implant is the gummy bear, which is a slightly more stable implant. It is also silicon-based, except it is of a higher grade and hence, is thicker. Gummy bears also feel firm and close to natural breasts.

  1. Your implants do not have an expiry date:

 Another common question among people about breast implants is an expiry date. How long can the implants stay and is a replacement surgery necessary? While there is no expiry date on the implants as such, Dr. Schwarz recommends that replacing the implant every ten years can be beneficial. Also, in the case of silicone implants, you must take an MRI every few years to know if there is any rupture in the implant. Manufacturers design products that may not give you the feeling of rupture unless diagnosed using such methods. If any rupture is found, then it is important to replace the implants immediately. It is easier to diagnose a rupture in saline implants, as you can visibly see a decrease in breast size if there is a leak.

Apart from these, corrective surgery might be necessary over time. The changes in the body due to age, pregnancy, or development of thicker scar tissues around the implants may require additional surgeries to bring the implants back to position.

  1. You can breastfeed even after having implants:

Choosing breast implants does not mean you cannot breastfeed. Many women across the world successfully breastfeed even after having implants. But this could vary depending on various factors. For example, women who have gone through mastectomy cannot breastfeed after implants as surgeons remove the milk ducts during the former procedure.   Although few claims that breast implants could be unsafe for the baby do exist, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the same.


  1. Implants can influence the sensitivity and sensation on the nipples:

People who have undergone implant surgeries share that their nipples have become more or less sensitive. While in some cases this sensation is temporary until the area heals, some share that the change is more permanent. It is important to discuss the same with your plastic surgeon while choosing the implants as they can share workarounds to avoid this type of numbness.

Another important fact about breast implants is the size options available for an individual. While the options on the market are quite large, surgeons often evaluate your current size, shape, and suggest viable ones. Your body structure needs to support the implant. Support depends on factors such as elasticity of your skin, the capacity of your rib cage. Going for larger implants than recommended could lead to discomfort and a bad experience, requiring corrective surgeries. It might also look unnatural and rise problems such as back pain. With proper guidance before and after surgery, breast implants can be a great way of achieving the body you like.

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