Behavioral Problems In Children: Top 10 Reasons Why This Is Happening

Children can experience behavioral problems to the point where professional help may be needed. This guide will go over the top ten reasons why this might be happening. You may have noticed these issues recently. 

We have more information about child behavior problems published on BasePoint Academy. You will also need to get in contact with them if you have questions or concerns regarding their behavior as of late. Let’s take a look at the following reasons why this may be happening to your child and what you need to do in order to take care of the issue. 

Emotional trauma 

To begin, emotional trauma can be one of the top reasons why behavioral problems exist. This will stem from their living environment. Some of the common factors of a negative living environment for children can include substance abuse, frequent arguing between parents, domestic violence, poverty, and perhaps abuse they have suffered.

These are some of the incidents where the occurrence of emotional trauma is common. It’s important that you make some changes to your child’s living environment in an effort to ensure their behavior improves. These issues may also be long-standing and can be a challenge to deal with.

Stressful situations 

To be more specific, stressful situations for a child can be common in families where they have older or younger siblings. For example, a new sibling in the family could mean that parents need to spend time and energy taking care of them. Your child may act out under the assumption that they may not be receiving the attention they’re used to.

They may feel like they’re being left out and unloved. It’s important to continue providing that child the love they need and the attention you give them. Being patient and understanding of these needs will ensure that they will be able to behave as normal.

Temperament at an early age 

One of the things that can raise concern is behavior that is seen as aggressive. Especially when they are at an early age. This can lead to behavioral issues later on in their childhood. 

This can occur by way of genetics. It is likely that a child’s temperament may be passed down via their genes. Either their parents or a relative may have had this. 

If it’s passed down by genetics, that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated. Issues can be diagnosed by a professional and a treatment plan can be put together.

Developmental issues 

Developmental issues even before their birth can lead to behavioral issues when they get older. Even issues at birth can lead to an increased chance of aggressive behavior or even anxiety. Developmental issues after birth can also lead to behavioral problems as well.

If you are an expecting mother, it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on during and after your pregnancy. If you suffer from postpartum depression, this can be an indicator that the child could develop behavior issues in the future.

Bad social interactions 

Behavioral issues can stem from bad social interactions. This can be at school or anywhere where a child may interact with others. It can get to a point where a child may use aggression in response to any hostile interactions between themselves and other people. 

This can also mean they can act out and even engage in aggressive behavior. It will be unwarranted on your end. You may not even ‘provoke’ them in order to trigger this type of aggression.


Bullying may lead to a child’s behavioral issues. This can be due to the fact that they are on the receiving end of emotional or physical pain inflicted by another child. Such behavior exhibited from a child will be aggressive as they feel that it’s a defense mechanism against those who may have ‘wronged’ them.

It’s important to address the issue to school officials. Bullying should not be tolerated at all and it is the school’s responsibility to deal with it. Keep in mind that bullies themselves may also deal with behavioral problems of their own. 

While surprising, there is a kernel of truth to it. Bullying may stem from a feeling of insecurity or some kind of lack. Deep down, it could stem from a behavioral issue they might be dealing with.


There’s a condition known as disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD). One of the most common occurrences will come in the form of chronic irritability.

There can also be tantrums that can be severe at times. They may also have an outburst over trivial things. They may also have a negative outlook on those same trivalities as well.


Yes, depression can develop in children. This can stem from a myriad of factors including the death of a loved one, separation from a parent (if the parents are divorced), and other events. They may experience sadness, feeling hopeless or worthless among others.

Depression, if untreated, can lead to suicide when the child gets older. It’s important that they are evaluated for this disorder as soon as possible. The sooner they are treated for it, the better they will be able to control it when they are older.


Autism is another condition where children may have behavioral issues. For the most part, they could have meltdowns or be irritated by sudden changes. They may also have communication issues making it a challenge to understand their needs and wants.

Some physical symptoms may go unrecognized, thus triggering the behavioral issues in children. For example, it can be allergies, broken bones, or even an ear infection. These outbursts may be one of the major indicators that they may need medical attention, even if they are non-verbal.

Learning disorders 

Learning disorders will create frustration for a child. They may have a hard time with homework or understanding what needs to be done. As a result, they could get angry and will worry about whether they lack intelligence. 

It’s important that your child gets the help they need including tutoring in an effort to help them succeed in school despite dealing with a learning disorder.

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