Our hands are one of the most used parts of our body; chores, exercising, playing sports, eating, etc., are all facilitated by using our hands. However, our hands often receive the most minor care compared to other body parts.

Our hands need as much care as possible to remain healthy and beautiful; keeping your hands soft and good-looking is not as complex as you’d have thought.

If you’ve been searching for the best way to keep your hands healthy and beautiful, this article is for you; we’ll highlight eight natural ideas to keep your hands healthy.

Best Tips to Keep Your Hands Healthy

Hand care is an essential practice that must be carried out regularly to keep your hands healthy and beautiful. The following are eight of the best hand care tips to keep your hands healthy:

1. Wash your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep your hands healthy. This is because, unlike other tips in this article, washing your hands requires as little as a good soap and water to keep your hands healthy.

It’s also important to wash your hands with lukewarm water, not too hot or too cold because washing your hands with water having extreme temperatures can damage the skin.

Also, washing your hands with regular dish soap or antibacterial handwashes should be significantly avoided because they are harsh on the skin and can strip the skin of its natural oils. Instead, invest in gentle hand care products to get the best care for your hands.

2. Moisturize your Hands

Applying moisturizers is also a very efficient way to keep your hands healthy and beautiful. However, they are typically used on the hands after it has been washed thoroughly. Applying moisturizers on an unclean hand would render the moisturizer ineffective.

After cleaning your hands, you can apply your moisturizer on your hands at least thrice daily. In the summers, light, non-greasy moisturizers are preferred to winter, where you can opt for something heavier like body butter. This is because winter tends to dry out the skin; the extra moisturizing helps negate the effects of winter.

3. Go for Periodic Manicures

If you want to keep your nails healthy and attractive, you should indulge in a manicure session at least once a month. Manicures get your hands cleaned, exfoliated, and massaged. It’s a thorough hand nourishment that ensures that your hands remain healthy.

4. Massage your Hands

Another natural idea to help you keep your hands healthy is to massage your hands regularly. Massaging your hands can benefit your skin by reducing toxins and scarring, increasing finger and wrist flexibility,  improving circulation, giving you supple skin, and many more.

Aside from the physical benefits hand massaging can offer, it can also reduce acute pain and stress and increase relaxation. On average, you should massage your hands for at least five minutes every night so the effects can kick in.

It’s also recommended to massage your hands using a moisturizer so that the hands remain protected throughout the night.

5. Wear Protective Hand Gloves while doing Chores

We often view protective gloves as an item worn by people working in industries. However, protective gloves should be worn while doing house chores, especially touching potentially germ-infested things like sand, grass, dirty dishes, etc.

Wearing protective gloves protects you from many hazards, e.g., cuts, abrasions, dermatitis, skin irritations, and many more. Wear protective gloves to ensure your hands remain healthy and beautiful when you do your house chores.

6. Occasionally Scrub your Hands with an Exfoliating Agent

Aside from washing your hands, one thing you can try to keep your hands healthy is to scrub your hands occasionally. Scrubbing your hands aims to serve the same purpose as washing, but scrubbing uses an exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells.

Scrubbing your hands with an excellent exfoliating agent will help soften and smoothen the texture of your hands. You can research online to find and purchase an excellent exfoliating cream or make a homemade one yourself.

Once you’ve got your exfoliating agent, it’s recommended to scrub your hands at least once a week.

7. File and Trim your Nails

Whether you like it or not, the nail is a crucial part of the hands that must be taken care of. Most people see nail care as a “ladies-thing,” but that shouldn’t be the case; nails should be cared for irrespective of gender.

One sure way to take care of your hands is to file and trim your nails. The best way to file and trim your nails is to file them in one direction rather than a seesaw direction. This is because a seesaw direction separates layers of the nails and further reduces the overall beauty of the nails.

To help keep your hands healthy, you can trim your nails at least once every two weeks.

8. Eat the proper diet

As strange as it sounds, your diet routine can determine the health of your hands. This is because the type of food you eat helps in body growth and also determines your appearance. A balanced diet with the right food, fruits, and vegetables can significantly improve your skin’s appearance.

A balanced diet can also protect and repair our skin from pollutants that can damage the skin. This is because a healthy balanced diet is a rich supply of antioxidants. If you eat healthily, your hands will remain healthy and beautiful.


Our hands are one of the most neglected parts of our body regarding care, but they facilitate every physical activity, like chores, sports, exercise, eating, etc.

Therefore, our hands need as much care as our faces. If you’ve been searching for the best ways to keep your hands healthy, we hope the eight ideas listed in this article will help you maintain proper hand hygiene.

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