The number of car crashes and car accident fatalities is increasing due to distracted driving, drunk driving, over-speeding, careless lane changing, not obeying traffic signals, etc. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System reveals that the estimated number of deaths associated with road car accidents was 38,824 in 2020.

Car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, which result in permanent or long-term physical damage. In addition, these injuries restrict work-life and your day-to-day life. You can recover these losses by hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit. Check the experience and work credibility before hiring a car accident attorney to get maximum compensation for your catastrophic injuries.

Different Types of Car Accident Catastrophic Injuries

Head-on crashes, rear-end accidents, side-impact crashes, rollover accidents, and multi-vehicle crashes are different auto accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries. Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder are often seen in victims of car accidents. The most common catastrophic injuries you can suffer following a car accident are as follows:

  • Severe Brain Injuries  

Car accidents can lead to several types of severe brain injuries. During a car collision, if you collide your head into the headrest or dashboard harshly, it may result in internal bleeding in your head. Sometimes, your skull might get hit or penetrated by items during the accident, which leads to brain damage. Due to brain injuries, the victims can become brain dead, suffer memory loss, and more.

  • Spinal Injuries

After a car crash, spinal cord injuries are the most alarming and traumatic injuries the victims can suffer from. According to National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, 39% of spinal injury cases are due to vehicle accidents. Spinal cord injuries may entirely or partly affect your mobility based on the severity of the injuries. The majority of spinal cord injuries leave traumatic long-term health issues.

  • Internal Organ Damage

Internal organ damages are life-threatening injuries that can result from vehicle crashes. It is important to remember that the organs in our body are relatively sensitive. So, the brutal force of collisions can lead to ruptured kidneys, liver damage, or any other organ damage. Heavy internal organ bleeding for an extended period can cause life-threatening ailments.

  • Bone Fractures

During the accident, bones will fracture when they are exposed to stress or collision impact. The most common types of bone fractures one can suffer after vehicle collisions include arm fractures, tibia/fibula fractures, wrist fractures, femur fractures, rib fractures, clavicle fractures, back fractures, pelvis fractures, hip fractures, and face and skull fractures.

  • Burns

Victims can suffer burns if the car catches fire or explodes during or after the accident. Based on the severity of the burns, they can lead to life-threatening conditions. The types of burns can be classified into first-degree burns, second-degree burns, third-degree burns, and fourth-degree burns.

  • Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are another kind of catastrophic injury that can result from auto collisions. One of the common health conditions one may suffer following severe neck injury is quadriplegia, where the victims cannot move their arms and legs.

  • Amputation Of Limbs

If your limbs are subjected to heavy pressure or if any object stabs through your limbs, it will lead to amputation of the affected limbs. In addition to that, the infections one may suffer after the accident can cause amputation of the limbs. Amputation will permanently affect the ability of a person.

Bottom Line

Car accident catastrophic injuries harshly impact your daily life and work life. These injuries can be permanent or temporary, and they can negatively affect the emotional and psychological conditions of the victims. Hiring a professional car accident lawyer will make sure that you acquire the utmost compensation.



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