6 Ways Addiction Affects Marriages

You’re forgiven for thinking that addiction is the individual’s problem and doesn’t have much to do with the people they are close to. It’s cast as the affliction of a lone individual—someone struggling in the shadows with their demons. The truth is that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. It also takes a toll on the people closest to them.

In particular, addiction can have a devastating effect on marriages. That’s why it’s essential to encourage a spouse struggling with addiction to seek help, including treatment from a Kentucky Addiction Treatment center or any facility nearby. Here are ways addiction affects marriages.

Addiction Ruins Communication

The first thing to suffer in a marriage when addiction sets in is communication. It happens in several ways. The addict may lie to their spouse about their whereabouts or what they’re doing to cover up their addiction. 

They may also become less communicative overall, withdrawing from conversations and activities they used to enjoy. It leaves the spouse feeling isolated, confused, and resentful. The more time they spend away feeding the addiction, the worse things will get.

Addiction Can Lead to Infidelity

The temptation to cheat is often high for addicts. They may rationalize their behavior by telling themselves they deserve to feel good since they’re in such an unfortunate place. It’s devastating for a spouse as they feel betrayed, confused, and hurt. The trust that was once there may be impossible to repair. Infidelity may also result from the problems caused by addiction, such as financial stress or communication difficulties.

Addiction Causes Financial Stress

Addiction is an expensive habit, and it often takes precedence over other financial obligations. It leads to financial stress in a marriage when the addict spends money the family needs. It also causes arguments, fights, and a feeling of betrayal. 

The addict may lie about their spending to keep their spouse from finding out. It causes a lot of tension and mistrust. They may also accumulate debt that the family is responsible for, ruining their credit and causing financial hardship for years to come. When they miss work, pay less attention to business and personal obligations, or engage in risky behaviors, their job may also be in jeopardy.

Addiction Can lead to Physical Abuse

The stress of addiction can lead to outbursts of anger and violence. The addict may take their frustration out on their spouse, leading to physical abuse. It can be a one-time occurrence or an everyday ordeal. It’s a dangerous situation that can put the spouse in danger. When facing domestic abuse, get professional help fast.

Addiction Can Lead to Emotional Abuse

In addition to physical abuse, addiction can also lead to emotional abuse. The addict may try to control their spouse with threats, intimidation, and manipulation. They may also try to manipulate the situation to make their spouse feel guilty or responsible for the addiction. It’s a challenging situation to deal with, affecting the spouse’s self-esteem and mental health. 

Conflict Over Parental Responsibility

When children are involved, addiction creates a lot of conflict over who is responsible for their care. The addict may feel they cannot take care of their children and may push the responsibility onto their spouse. This can be a complicated situation, especially if the addict is unwilling to get help or treatment

Sometimes, the spouse is forced to choose between their children and the addict, which can cause a lot of guilt and stress. Other times, the responsible parent may try to cover up for the addict’s behavior to protect their children from the truth. It leads to a lot of conflict and resentment.

Addiction Ruins Marriages

Ultimately, addiction can ruin a marriage. It destroys the trust, communication, and respect essential to a healthy relationship. If you’re married to an addict, get help for yourself and the marriage. Also, understand you don’t have to go through the situation alone. There are professionals, support groups, and resources available to help you deal with the effect of addiction on your marriage and life.

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