The human feet are the most neglected part of the body. While people often overlook caring for their feet, they must take all the burden 24×7. To your surprise, this part of the body and the ankle contains more than 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 tendons. Therefore, taking good care of the foot and not taking the foot injuries lightly becomes imperative. However, most people overlook foot pain until it becomes persistent.

Persistent foot pain is not only problematic but also compromises your daily routine. Fortunately, podiatrists are there to help you diagnose and treat various foot and ankle conditions. In this article, we will discuss how many ways a podiatrist can help you.

What can a podiatrist treat?

Podiatrists can treat various foot and ankle-related complications, such as heel pain, ankle sprain and fractures, ingrown toenails, and diabetic foot care. In addition, a podiatrist is trained to diagnose and treat conditions associated with the lower legs.

Due to their expertise and personalized treatment, sports podiatrists’ services are most sought after globally. Here are some ways a podiatrist can help you.

Foot injuries prevention and treatment

Foot injuries are most common in budding athletes, especially runners. Some other high-intensity exercises also put a strain on the foot. So, consulting a sports podiatrist makes sense if you are a beginner facing foot pain. They can assess your situation and advice further course of action. You get a treatment plan or suggestions to prevent such injuries based on your condition.

Foot Pain management

Foot pain could be due to several reasons. Irrespective of the reason, foot pain can cause discomfort and hinder your day-to-day routine. Here comes the importance of a podiatrist in managing foot pain. With their experience and expertise, these professionals can easily identify the cause of pain.

Similarly, heel pain is another common problem most people face once in their lifetime. It could be due to many reasons, such increase in uric acid levels in the body or a bony growth in the heel bone. A podiatrist can help treat heel pain efficiently and effectively.

Preventing and Treating Diabetic Foot

To manage a diabetic foot properly, you must visit a podiatrist twice a year. As diabetic persons are more prone to foot infections, injuries, nerve damage, and ulcers, they require the intervention of experts more frequently. Further, a diabetic person should not ignore even a small ulcer on their foot, as it could lead to complications, including a leg amputation. Also, their is a specific supplement called MelliTox that helps with type 2 diabetes. You should take a look at the full review of this wonderful product.

Treating Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail causes severe pain and, in most cases, infect the surrounding tissue. The big toenail is the most common victim of this problem. While most people try to get rid of this situation by themselves, it is advisable to visit a podiatrist to avoid the risk of infections. The experts know how to treat this uncomfortable condition with ease.

Expert suggestions for custom orthotics

You might have experienced the discomfort caused during running or walking due to ill-fitted shoes. The pain is so bothering that an individual struggles to resume regular daily activities. Generally, most people don’t have the privilege to get custom-made shoes that fits perfectly. So, in such a scenario, an orthotic insert serves as a go-to savior.

Several types and fits of orthotic inserts are available. They are made from foam, plastic, or carbon fiber, which needs to be inserted inside one or both feet. You can get them custom-made or shop directly from a store. It is a must for people with mild to severe foot conditions which hinders their day-to-day activities such as walks, runs, or even stands.

Offers foot care education

Last but least is the incomparable foot care education that a professional podiatrist offers to an individual to prevent future foot-related problems. They even provide proper guidance for maintaining good foot hygiene, selecting footwear, and performing foot-related strengthening and stretching exercises.


Undoubtedly, when you seek the expertise of an experienced podiatrist, you can receive proper care for your foot and ankle. And the right care, guidance, and treatment are vital for the functionality, comfort, and overall well-being of your foot and ankle.

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