Although it’s a standard dental procedure, tooth extraction can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve recently moved to Lehi, Utah, where the sheer number of top-rated dentists is astounding! Compromised teeth can often be restored using fillings, crowns, or other dental work. However, there are situations when the tooth is too severely damaged to be repaired, in which case you may contemplate tooth extraction. Tooth decay, gum disease, wisdom teeth complications, and dental trauma or injury are all reasons you might have to get a tooth removed.

As a new resident, we understand that you may take some time to research all the dental practitioners in your area before you find the one that suits your needs. So, to help you speed up the process, we have outlined below six tips for choosing the right dentist in Lehi.

  1. Prioritize proximity and convenience

You wouldn’t want a dental appointment to be why your kids miss school, and many working parents don’t have the luxury of taking time off. Hence, unless you have nothing else to do with your time, you should probably pick a dentist whose clinic is located within a radius of ten miles from your house, work, or your child’s school. That way, any dental clinic you visit will be within a reasonable driving distance of no more than twenty minutes.

Generally speaking, the entire tooth extraction procedure can be completed in twenty to forty minutes. And if you can manage, you can expand your search beyond your immediate neighborhood if the distance is not an issue and you’re looking for clinics offering the best quality services for tooth extractions Lehi has to offer.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider more than just the office’s location while deciding. A good dentist should be prepared to treat dental emergencies. However, some won’t see their patients, even in dire situations. If you’re a working professional, it won’t be easy to plan visits with a dentist who is only available during work hours. Therefore, choose a doctor who can handle emergency visits if you require immediate medical attention.

  1. Ask for referrals.

When you move to a new area, knowing where to start when looking for a dentist can be challenging. Reach out to your local network of friends, neighbors, and colleagues in Lehi and ask for recommendations. Consult your primary care physician and get a referral. On its website,, the Utah Dental Association (UDA) publishes all the details of dentists and dental practices in the state. You can use this information to compile a list of prospective dental practitioners in Lehi.

  1. Scan the dentist’s website and social media for credentials and reviews


Don’t risk your oral health with someone who didn’t complete the necessary training. Look into the dentist’s background online to learn more about their education and experience.

Read reviews and testimonials on the dentist’s website and social media pages to get an idea of what to expect. Reviews from patients usually focus on how easy it was to get an appointment, how long they had to wait, how comfortable the waiting area was, and how friendly the personnel was. This way, you’ll learn a lot about a dentist’s skills, how well-run their office is, and how actual patients feel about their care.

Pay close attention to the feedback of patients who have had either an extraordinarily positive or negative experience with a particular practitioner. When you read or hear anything more than once, narrowing down your list of potential choices will become easier.

It may help to inquire about the dentist’s experience treating individuals with dental phobia or similar concerns. Also, ask your potential dentist how often they conduct tooth extractions and how they handle any complications that may arise during the procedure. 

  1. Consider wait times

While at the dental practice for an initial consultation, inquire about the average wait times there. You might also want to check out online reviews to see if any patients have anything to say regarding the wait times. If you usually experience preoperational anxiety before surgery, it will get much worse if you sit in the waiting room for an hour or more. If you learn that the average wait time is longer than 45 minutes, it is best to look for another dentist.

  1. Find out what your insurance covers

The cost of the procedure can vary widely based on the state of the tooth, the kind of anesthetic used, and the duration of the surgery. Dental insurance policies usually pay for a portion of your extraction costs but not the entire amount. Even with its low cost of living, a straightforward extraction in Lehi could cost you up to $300 per tooth.

Among the first questions you should ask any prospective dentist is whether or not they accept your family’s dental insurance plan. Check if they offer payment plans or discounts. Alternatively, get in touch with your insurance provider and ask which local dentists are part of their network, and then use that list as a starting point for your search.

  1. Visit the clinic to see if it ticks all your boxes

Does the staff wear gloves? Has the clinic invested in state-of-the-art dental technology? Does it abide by the best practices of environmental cleaning in healthcare facilities? Are kids welcome at the clinic? How do they handle your personal health information?

The only way you can get these questions answered is to call ahead and request a walk-through of the facility before you make an appointment.

When looking for the right dentist for yourself, one important consideration should be the clinic’s level of upkeep and staffing. Visiting the clinic will allow you to check if it’s neat, orderly, and technologically up-to-date and give you an idea of how much care is paid to the patient experience.


Maybe you’ve just moved to Lehi and need a dentist for tooth extraction. Or perhaps, you don’t have one at the moment. Either way, if the thought of an upcoming procedure makes your stomach churn, don’t worry. Many people share your fear of a dental procedure. But keep in mind that there is a suitable dentist for everyone. Hopefully, the above tips will help you find one.


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