6 Myths And 5 Mistakes About Building Muscle

More and more people are getting into the fitness revolution, and muscle-building has been one of the goals of many of them. But starting on a journey to build a tremendous muscle-toned body can be confusing. With so many suggestions you see whenever you look online and what many fitness influencers swear worked for them, you can’t be sure anymore.  

People who want to engage in muscle building often go to a fitness club if they don’t have the right equipment at home. This is why the health and fitness club industry reached a market size of over USD$96 billion in 2019. But because of the effects of the recent pandemic, confidence in going out to gyms declined. And more people invested in home gyms resulting in a surge in sales of this category, doubling its numbers from 2019 at USD$466 million. 

Whether working out in a gym or at home, you need to be aware of the myths and mistakes most bodybuilders make to avoid them. You must pay attention even to the training frequency, just like this article from the source healthedacademy talks about. As for the rest of the myths and mistakes, read on.


  • The Primary Driver Of Muscle Growth Is Soreness 

Soreness is not something you can equate to good muscle training. You feel sore because when you do excessive movements like lifting and muscle tension, you tear your muscles along the way. The soreness usually peaks within 12-24 hours, but it can get longer for some. When you don’t feel sore, does it mean you didn’t train hard enough? No.  

Soreness is your muscles telling you that it’s adapting to a new stimulus you have implemented. When your muscles have adapted to the exercise, they won’t feel sore anymore. That’s why soreness is experienced by people new to muscle-building or those who fell off the wagon and decided to return.  

  • You Gain More Muscle When You Train In The Morning 

People have different strengths at different times of the day. Some are energetic and stronger in the morning when they wake up, and some have the same energy in the afternoon, even after a long day. What matters is the consistency of your chosen regimen and if you can stick to it in the long haul.  

  • You Need To Stretch Before Training Your Muscles To Enhance Their Growth 

Static stretches don’t have anything to do with growing your muscles. They’re primarily intended for people who are into sports requiring flexibility, like basketball and running, to increase muscle pliability and prevent injuries.  

Instead of static stretches, it would be best to do a vigorous warm-up that will increase heart rate and blood flow, along with whole range of motion such as jumping jacks and jogging as well as arm circles and lunges.   

  • Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky 

One’s physique, whether man or woman, will look bulky because of excessive body fat. Weight lifting can help develop muscle and shed fat leading to one’s desired physique.  

  • You Need To Lift Heavy Weights To Build Muscle 

Building muscles rely not on the weight you’re lifting but more on the frequency you’re doing it. Those who perform more repetitions using lighter weights than those who use heavy weights achieve the same result in one study

  • Lifting Weight At An Early Age Will Stunt Your Growth 

Teens who want to start building muscles need not worry that their growth will halt. In fact, participating in sports and activities like exercise and muscle-building can be the foundation of an excellent fitness lifestyle that heightens self-confidence and boost resilience.  


  • Not Tracking Your Workout 

Winging it and expecting fabulous results may not be a good idea in muscle building. If you’re serious about this goal, you need to have a plan and be able to track your progress as time goes by. Many factors play a role in achieving your bodybuilding goals, and if you don’t pay close attention to all areas you want to target, your muscles may not receive the sufficient training it needs. You can download an app that tracks your workout, so you know you’re progressing well. 

  • Not Drinking Enough 

You may reason that you’re too focused on bodybuilding to forget to hydrate, which could be one of the most detrimental mistakes you’ll commit. During an intense workout, you may lose up to two liters of body fluid an hour, and if not replaced, dehydration can occur. When you get dehydrated, you may experience more pain as inflammation is heightened, especially in the joints. You may also not be able to achieve the muscle mass you’re hoping for.  

  • Having Excessive Workout Variation 

You might think that trying out every shiny new piece of equipment at the gym will do your muscles good, but you’re mistaken. In contrast, trying out something new each time may induce excessive muscle tears and result in longer muscle recovery because of protein breakdown.  

  • Chasing Fatigue 

Training outside the boundaries of reason will not benefit you and might even cause you injuries. What’s excellent would be to pace your activity correctly and focus on working specific muscle parts in small but frequent increments.  

  • Not Sleeping Enough 

Lack of sleep causes muscle mass breakdown and lowers testosterone. If you want to gain muscle, you should follow the recommended number of hours of sleep. For many people, lack of sleep also promotes lethargy which ruins their motivation to continue.  


Building an incredible physique through bodybuilding takes a painstaking amount of time and patience. You cannot wish it to happen overnight; even the most dedicated bodybuilder will tell you to pace yourself and enjoy the ride. You’ll see great results if you follow the correct regimen and steer clear of these myths and mistakes that may jeopardize your training.

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