5 Unexpected Reasons You Should Enrol With A Dentist Today

If you’ve ever thought about enrolling with a dentist, then put it off, thinking you’ll sort it out another day; now is the time to stop procrastinating and sign up with one. You may think there’s nothing wrong with your teeth, but that can change suddenly, and if you don’t already have a dentist getting emergency help can be difficult.

Unexpected Cosmetic Work

Think cosmetic dentistry is only for people with lousy genetics or poor oral hygiene? You’d be wrong. Unlucky people can find themselves with broken teeth from a fall or involvement in an accident. If you’re unfortunate enough to break any teeth, it will be more pleasant to have them fixed if you have an existing relationship with the person doing the work. Seeing a dentist regularly means they’ll know your treatment history and be better able to put you at ease.


Getting a short-notice emergency appointment as an existing patient is more straightforward than if you aren’t signed up. Even with the best brushing and flossing regime, sometimes pesky bacterial infections can get in and have you waking up in agony. Such infections require prompt attention due to the proximity to blood vessels that go directly to the heart and brain. And when you’re suffering from tooth agony, having to search for an “emergency dentist or dental surgery near me” rather than directly phoning your dentist isn’t going to help deal with the pain.

Save Money

Seeing a dentist for routine appointments will, in the long term, save you money as they can pick up on problems in the early stages. Early dealing with medical issues makes treatment easier, quicker, and cheaper. By avoiding the dentist until underlying oral problems become problematic, the likelihood is that treatment will be more difficult and expensive. You may also find that dental insurance won’t cover the total cost of more invasive procedures giving you a surprise when the bill arrives.

Set A Good Example

Regularly taking children to the dentist teaches them not to be afraid of the dentist while encouraging good habits. If children see their parents going to the dentist, they will be more receptive to visiting themselves. Only ever taking a child when they’re in pain and upset will create a negative association, causing them to actively avoid the dentist as they get older. Taking them for routine appointments to a dentist who’s good with children will break the negative association and build positive ones instead.

Preventative Care

Some people are born with less than perfect teeth, maybe the enamel didn’t form correctly, or there’s overcrowding. Things like overcrowding of teeth are apparent from the time all the adult teeth have grown in, and the sooner treatment begins, the fewer problems will occur. But you may not know about an enamel issue until a tooth disintegrates unexpectedly. Regularly seeing a dentist will let them identify such problems and administer preventive treatment to prolong the life of the tooth.

You may not have considered all the unexpected reasons for enrolling with a dentist, but now you know about them, don’t delay, sign up today.

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