As we age, it’s not only vital to keep our physical health in tip-top shape, but it’s also important to keep our brain as healthy as it can be.

Unbeknownst to most, mental fortitude usually begins to decline before the age of 40. This is a little alarming when we consider that our brains control much of our daily function, like planning, communicating, and decision making.

Taking the time each day — regardless of our age and genetics — for cognitive training not only helps keep our brains agile, but it can also minimize the risk factors associated with degenerative brain disorders, like dementia.

Leading dementia care experts like Integracare Home Care note that cognitive training can not only help seniors maintain their mental acuity and memory, but in some cases, it can reduce the risk of dementia-related diseases. For those living with a type of the disease, other studies have shown that keeping the brain active has helped them continue with everyday activities, like cooking and managing their finances.

With the merits of brain training in mind, here are five accessible activities to keep your brain sharp and active, all from the cozy comfort of bed.

1. Try Sudoku

Sudoku became incredibly popular in the past decade, with quiz fans across the globe drawn to the challenge that those (sometimes unfathomable)9×9 grids present.

Available in morning newspapers, online and in books dedicated to the challenge, Sudoku is an accessible way to exercise the brain either alone or with help.

2. Play Wordle

Wordle captivated mobile users at the start of 2021. Users have just six attempts to accurately guess a five-letter word, prompted by colour-coded clues along the way.

It’s a great way to stretch your brain, with players often left rosy-cheeked at the obviousness of the final word.

3. Enhance Language Skills

If you once had a solid handle on a language and your linguistic skills are fading, or perhaps you’d like to learn some conversational tidbits in a foreign language, why not try out a web-based learning platform, Duolingo?

Learning a language has been found to improve focus and alertness in students after just one week!

4. Take up a Craft

Lying in bed on a Sunday morning with a hot cup of tea and your knitting, cross stitch, or crochet isn’t just a lovely lazy way to spend an hour or two, but it can also improve your hand-eye coordination and your fine motor skills.

5. Read

Reading is a simple yet effective way to keep your brain sharp. Reading has been proven to keep your brain operating effectively, improve memory function, strengthen connectivity, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

In-person and virtual libraries offer a wide variety of different genres; you could even join a book club to keep you accountable and on track.

The Takeaway

Much like physical exercise, brain training is vitally important, even before the age of 40.Mental activities like those above can help you retain cognitive ability and independence well into your senior years. So, instead of scrolling on your socials in the morning or watching videos, why not factor in 15 minutes for one of these activities, all from the cozy comfort of your bed?

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