People often associate being “healthy” with lots of grueling exercise, sweaty gym sessions, and a very restricted diet. This, however, is not the reality of being healthy. Health starts in your head. A healthy mindset will then lend itself to a healthy body. Here are a few ways you can put your health first all the while skipping on the exercise!  

Drink Two Pints Of Water When You Wake Up

As soon as you wake up, you should drink at least one pint of water, if not two. You have just gone an entire night without any hydration and your body is craving something to help get it going. In the same way that we wake up and need coffee or tea to kick start our day, our body needs water. This will also aid you in digestion and help you have more regular movements throughout the day. 

Challenge Your Brain With Word Games

Contrary to what you might think, word games and mind puzzles are not just for retired people or those found in an assisted living facility. Whether it be Wordle, crossword puzzles, sudoku, or anything else that keeps your mental juices flowing, it’s not only exciting to challenge yourself but it also keeps your brain active and on alert. Just like it’s a good idea to stretch our legs to keep from tearing our muscles, we should do the same for our brains. After all, it’s a muscle too! 

Add Color To Your Diet

Adding color to your diet is indeed an indirect way of saying to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, it does not mean that you have to go all lean and vegan or eat only salads and raw veggies! Adding color to your diet can look simple. 

For example, it can be just chopping up a few red and green bell peppers and throwing them into your creamy pasta sauce. Or it can be adding a few slices of tomatoes and cucumbers to your sandwich. Or simply tossing a few blueberries on top of your morning cereal. There are many ways to sneakily integrate more color and therefore nutrition into your diet.

Get Your Sleep In, No Excuses 

We all know that you need a minimum of eight hours of sleep at night but we rarely make it a priority. Bedtime is often pushed back because we need screen time or are too wound up from the day to fall asleep as soon as we get in bed. To stay healthy, find pre-bedtime activities that don’t involve a screen and let your mind slowly slip away into slumber at a decent hour. By steering clear of screens before bed, your mind will unwind naturally as it won’t be stimulated by the bright lights on our devices. 

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