Staying healthy in today’s world isn’t exactly simple.  With worldwide pandemics and cancer on the rise, it’s increasingly common to find yourself with health complications— particularly over the age of 80.  As your body ages, your immune system is less reactive than it once was when it comes to battling germs.  Not to mention, your bones are more fragile than they once were, making it easy to suffer a broken bone or other injury as a result of a minor bump or fall. 

However, staying healthy over 80 is entirely possible if you can manage to follow the right approach.

Here are some of the best secrets for staying in good health well over the age of 80 and beyond.

Stay Active 

Physical activity is a crucial part of your health.  A sedentary lifestyle will not only lead to weight gain, but you’ll have less energy and degraded muscles.  Introducing a regular workout routine into your lifestyle is a crucial part of staying healthy and strong.  Even something as simple as walking 20 minutes a day will keep your muscles strong and reduce your chances of unnecessary injury.

In addition to walking, consider other low-impact exercises like swimming or yoga.  These types of exercises aren’t just effective for staying strong, but can also be enjoyable hobbies.  Turning a healthy activity into an enjoyable pastime is a win-win!

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

The foods you eat play a crucial role in your well-being.  Not only will eating nutrient-rich foods provide more sustained energy, but you’ll also find yourself less susceptible to illness, and even obesity-related diseases.  That means eating plenty of whole grains, lean protein, and of course, fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods, and if possible eliminate them altogether.  This will avoid unnecessary amounts of bad fats and sugars you have in your diet, and of course, reduce your risk of cancer.

Prioritize Social Time

Your social life is a crucial part of staying healthy over 80.  This is because one of the biggest concerns in seniors is an increase in depression due to feelings of isolation. Not only should you spend plenty of time with your family, but also with friends.  This is why so many families turn towards assisted living as an all-in-one care solution that also promises social interaction.

Thanks to organized events like Bingo night, or concerts with local musicians, residents can enjoy the social interaction that assisted living brings.

Visit the Doctor Regularly

Regular visits with your doctor are crucial for identifying health issues early on.  Ideally, you should visit at least once every year to ensure you’re up to date with all of the latest vaccines, as well as to discuss any pressing health issues that may be flaring up and need to be checked out.  This won’t just help health issues that have been worsening, but also provide you peace of mind. 

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