Dubai offers an exceptional lifestyle and a variety of opportunities for career growth for those who understand and respect cultural differences. As an expat in Dubai, you will have no problems with communication with locals, building your business and living carefree life if you are ready to conform to certain rules. Following the rules is of double importance if you want to buy apartment in dubai and start a new life there. 

Basis for strict norms of behaviour in Dubai

Most foreigners imagine Dubai as a man-made paradise full of entertainment and luxury. However, if you plan to relocate for permanent stay, you may face a slightly different picture apart from that in your mind.

The UAE is a Muslim state and strictly adheres to its moral and ethical code and its laws are very different from those in other countries. Therefore, a person who wants to get a UAE visa, to live and work in the country, you need to be careful not to violate these laws.

Rules to follow in Dubai

It is advisable to study the main laws of the UAE and local norms before relocating to Dubai. Awareness of the major rules will facilitate the process of adaptation and help to avoid problems. Some of the unobvious but essential topics to investigate in Dubai are the following:

  1. Unpaid cheque.
  2. Fund-raising activities. 
  3. Religious issues.
  4. Social networks.
  5. Illegal employment.

Unpaid check

In Dubai, failure to pay a cheque is considered a crime and can lead to serious consequences for the offender. Failure to pay a cheque can result in a fine and may also result in a restriction on leaving the country until the debt is cleared. If the check is not paid again, the offender can be arrested and sent to jail. Therefore, it is important to be careful about your financial obligations, pay all debts on time and not to write a cheque if there is no money in your bank account.

Fund-raising activities

All activities and events aimed at raising money have to be approved by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. You cannot perform any charitable activity without a necessary document. Otherwise, you will be fined or even imprisoned.

Religious issues

Other religions are tolerated in Dubai and citizens are free to practise their faith. The city has many temples and places of worship for various religious communities, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others. However, local laws and traditions must be respected, such as the prohibition of public displays of dislike of Islam or the use of religious symbols in inappropriate places.

Respect is extremely valuable in Dubai. You can follow any ideas and principles, but you are obliged to respect all cultural, religious and social differences.

Social networks

Usage of obscene language is banned, and this also applies to posts on social media. Cursing in any social media and even on messaging platforms can cause a lot of troubles. You cannot post offensive messages irrespective of their focus. You cannot add offensive emoticons to the post. If you offend a person on social media, it is an invasion of another person’s privacy and leads to many months of imprisonment.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment in Dubai is prohibited. A foreigner has to obtain the necessary papers and permissions before starting working. In case of violating the law, a foreigner will be imprisoned or deported from the country. This person is very unlikely to get the UAE visa in future.

Adaptation to the lifestyle in the UAE

Adaptation to the lifestyle in a new country is greatly facilitated by having your own place to live. Ownership of an apartment in Dubai gives an expat more confidence and opportunity to create a psychologically safe and comfortable place. The real estate agency AX CAPITAL offers multiple units for sale in premium locations of Dubai. Expats can choose the home suitable to their aims, desires and budgets.

On the whole 

New country always requires a lot of knowledge and an ability to conform. However, it is much easier to come to the UAE having some understanding of local rules and norms. Such awareness helps to build correct communication links and not to lose face in confusing situations.

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