Americans love their Yorkshire Terriers for their small size and spunkiness. And please don’t think their small size is only about cuteness overload. The little Yorkies are also excellent watchdogs. These hypoallergenic species can manage in a small space. Do you own one? If not, you would be interested in their life expectancy and other traits. It makes your adoption decision easy. You can prepare yourself better for pet parenting.

The life expectancy of Yorkies

They can live about 12 to 15 years. The average life span is 13.5 years. Females get to live one and a half years more than males. The experts say this breed lives more than any other dog in the US. With proper nurturing, you can expect them to have an extended life.

Interestingly, these small-breed dogs are common in England. Data suggest they emerged in the mid-19th century in Northern England’s Yorkshire. According to popular belief, Yorkshire Terriers are a crossbreed of many tiny terriers, such as the Manchester Terrier, Skye Terrier, and Dandie Dinmont. The reason behind their breeding was to hunt rodents and other game animals. Of course, companionship was also a reason. However, the ancient Yorkie was bigger than what you see today.

One could find them in textile factories running after mice and rats. Nonetheless, their rising popularity for companionship made breeders develop smaller ones with better features, including shiny coats. Unsurprisingly, these soon became a part of the English aristocratic families. They reached the US in the 20th century, gaining recognition as show or lap dogs. They got the official breed status in 1978 and continue to enjoy this today. History suggests the female Yorkshire Terrier called Bonny lived around 28 years. These Yorkies can succumb to death for various reasons. For instance, puppies can be vulnerable to infections.

One common cause is a respiratory infection called a distemper. Signs include diarrhea, weakness, and coughing. The disease starts from the spinal cord to the brain. Leptospirosis is another ailment that affects the kidneys and liver. Usually, the source of infection can be contact with woodland animals’ contaminated urine. Think of skunks and raccoons. Pups also die because of parvovirus. You can get your puppy vaccinated to fight this and distemper as prevention. Nevertheless, this disorder harms their immunity and gastrointestinal tract, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Due to all this, they face dehydration and eventually lose their life.

Older Yorkies can give up on health conditions like trauma, cancer, respiratory issues, and congenital disabilities. More than 10% of their deaths can be attributable to congenital disabilities. Healthy pets enjoy a longer life with good nutrition, dental care, etc. Make them exercise well.

Points to consider before adopting a Yorkshire Terrier

Dogs are still the common pets in most homes, and people love them because of their loyalty and companionship. You can also have one like many others. However, it’s best to familiarize yourself with their traits to make a wise decision. After all, they also need care and maintenance, which will have an additional cost for you. So, let’s see why you would want to have Yorkie or avoid it.

The good things first

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the top 15 species owned by Americans. Because the urban population stands at 80.7% in the US, most people prefer smaller dogs, which are also less energetic. As they need little space, it becomes easy to have one, even in a small apartment. However, Yorkshire Terrier size is just one reason. Another strong trait that makes them favorite with humans is their charming temperament. Their playfulness and energy keep the entire family hooked despite being small. They display a sense of affection toward you and your family. Since they bark only when sensing a threat, you can get alert about any potential danger. The social breed enjoys human company a lot.

Although expecting them to be 100% hypoallergenic is impractical, Yorkshire Terriers are an ideal choice for people with any sensitivity than other pets. If you are allergic to fur, you can get a Yorkie to enjoy their company. But not everyone can be comfortable. Hence, tracking your signs and symptoms is critical if you come into contact with their dander, saliva, and hair. Otherwise, these friendly, affectionate apartment dogs have all the qualities you want in your pet. As mentioned, they are brilliant watchdogs. They will tell you through their yapping when they notice any stranger or danger. Having one of them means ensuring safety for your home and its people.

The bad things

The bubbly Yorkshires can hurt themselves or damage the property when not handled well. They become aggressive. Consider some other species if you have small kids at him. With older kids, it’s an easy decision to include them in your family. Another area of concern can be training. These little doggies are intelligent, but curiosity and stubbornness often hinder their learning. Then, they get easily distracted by their surroundings because of their independent personality trait. It becomes challenging to make them focus on something.

Knowing that these smaller pets have small bladders is essential for daily maintenance. Due to this, they need to empty themselves more frequently than larger dogs. As mentioned, these independent thinkers are challenging to train, which applies to potty training sessions. Another crucial thing is their sensitive nature. Any change in routine or environment can make them anxious or stressed. All this can lead to severe consequences for them.

Undoubtedly, Yorkshire Terriers are the best pets as a company. However, you have to be the right owner to enjoy their attention. The adorable dog may not be much of an angel, but their presence in your life can feel fulfilling. If you strike the correct chord, you can find an affectionate and fiercely loyal friend in him. You can excite him physically and mentally without much effort. Just ensure you know the little furry friend can become overprotective and jealous. If you wish to bring one home, acquaint yourself with its traits to help ease your parenting journey.

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