As opposed to traditional braces, clear aligners are virtually inconspicuous – an excellent option for adults who care about their appearance.

Invisalign can effectively correct almost all forms of misalignment in teeth and bite issues by applying controlled force to each individual tooth. But before opting for this treatment option, there are a few things you should keep in mind first.


Invisalign prices will depend on how long treatment will be needed and whether or not insurance covers it; typically half of your Invisalign treatment costs will be covered by most plans; alternatively you could use an FSA/HSA through your employer to fund it.

Invisalign may be more expensive than traditional braces, but you may still find a good deal by shopping around or searching out a dental school offering the service – although keep in mind that dental schools may charge more than established practices due to being under supervision by professionals and offering less comprehensive service than they could.

Invisalign stands out from other orthodontic systems because it is virtually undetectable; with proper wear for 20-22 hours daily, no one should notice even in close-up photos. Removable aligners also add another benefit, so that when eating or brushing teeth they can be easily taken out. Cost of invisalign definitely depends on each individual’s situation, but for many, it is worth the investment both monetarily and for the improved smile.


Invisalign consists of clear plastic trays worn over the teeth to correct their alignment. Each tray must be worn for several weeks at a time to move your teeth less than a millimeter each time – unlike braces which may cause pain and discomfort for some patients, Invisalign is relatively comfortable for wearers.

Invisalign stands out from traditional orthodontic appliances by not being visibly present when you smile, making life simpler for users who want to practice good dental hygiene by being able to easily remove its trays for brushing and flossing.

Invisalign provides another significant benefit by eliminating food restrictions associated with traditional orthodontic treatments like braces. This can be a welcome relief for people who love food but find themselves forced to maintain bland diets when wearing braces. Furthermore, this helps reduce bruxism and promote joint health.


Many individuals opt for Invisalign due to its less noticeable clear aligners compared with traditional wires and brackets, making it particularly appealing to adults who may feel self-conscious about their appearance. This may especially appeal to them.

However, Invisalign can be problematic if you’re not disciplined enough to wear your aligners on time – removing them for days or even hours could hamper progress that should have been made over time.

Furthermore, frequently taking out your aligners may lead to discoloration of both teeth and gum lines, since food particles and liquid can accumulate between your teeth and plastic aligners, necessitating brushing them before reinserting the aligners. Furthermore, this could prove inconvenient when trying to eat or drink without taking your aligners out first; this limits food choices to soft or liquid meals which could prove problematic if living a busy lifestyle.


Though aligners are removable, patients should remove them when eating and drinking as food can easily get trapped between the layers of plastic, leading to bacteria growth along the gumline and teeth that could lead to future issues. Furthermore, clear aligners tend to stain easily so patients should try and limit food with strong colors or sweet flavors which could stain their aligners more.

Reminder that for optimal results from wearing aligners for 20-22 hours per day if possible – skipping them even once could significantly delay treatment time!

Maintaining clean aligners is also key to avoiding buildups and odors, whether by brushing gently or using cleaning crystals such as Polident.

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