Glasses are no stranger to everyone. People wearing myopia glasses can be seen all around us at any time. There are many types of myopia glasses such as Acetate oversized glasses, Metal optical glasses, Titanium optical glasses, Buffalo horn optical glasses, and glasses made of various materials to buy at online glasses. Hybrid optical frames provide consumers with many choices. At the same time, due to the different characteristics of the materials, there are slight differences in use and maintenance, but overall they are similar. I hope the content of this article can bring you some help.

Despite the development of modern medical technology, some mild myopia can be completely recovered through surgery. However, most people with refractive errors use glasses to correct their vision. The maintenance of glasses is particularly important to protect the health of the eyes. This article explains the importance of maintaining glasses in the following aspects:

Glasses fitting

The top priority is to pass the fitting. If the wrong pairing is made at the beginning, no matter how you maintain the glasses later, they will be useless. The glasses have become a “killer” that damages your eyesight. I rarely use my eyes with fatigue, but my prescription has skyrocketed. . This is also why the merit is distributed. Mirrors need to find reliable stores, so some consumers are willing to pay for technology. It’s that they pay enough attention to their eyes. After all, the “eyes” accessory is too expensive, and even if you have money, you may not be able to buy it.

The service life of glasses

Generally speaking, we think that glasses can be used for 2 years, provided that the refractive status of the eyes has not changed and the frame has not been deformed. The optical performance of glasses after 2 years has greatly declined, and continued use will cause damage to vision. If the degree has changed, the clarity of your eyes is different, and your distance vision is no longer sufficient, you must replace it as soon as possible. It is recommended that adults should have an eye exam once a year and teenagers should have an eye exam once every three months. Make sure you are wearing qualified glasses. People over 40 may have a reduced prescription and need to replace their lenses in time.

The glasses are deformed

The deformation of glasses is not taken seriously by everyone. They often slide down, and the lenses are one high and one low, one behind the other, which causes great damage to vision. You should go to a professional store for help as soon as possible and adjust it to a suitable condition before continuing to wear it. If it cannot be adjusted back, the glasses should be replaced. There are also special articles on our website about how to adjust the deformation of glasses. You can read related articles.

Wear of spectacle lenses

Some people have been wearing glasses for N years, and the film of the lenses has become “mosaic”, but they think they are very comfortable and are reluctant to replace them. In fact, this is a big mistake. The light entering your eyes is messy, which is definitely very harmful to your eyes, and will make your myopia worse and worse. Normally, you should rinse with tap water first, and then gently absorb the water with a cloth. If there is any oil, dilute it with dish soap and apply it to rinse. Do not expose it to high temperatures. This can increase the service life of the lens.

Correct storage and placement

When the glasses are not in use, wrap the frames with lens cloth and put them in a mirror box. Do not place them on sofas, beds, or other places where they can be easily pressed. When you take off your glasses temporarily, fold them and place them face up. Do not put them face down as they can easily cause damage to the lenses. Glasses should be put on and off with both hands. When storing, fold the left temple first, then the right temple.

Correct use

Ordinary glasses are only for daily use. If you need outdoor sports or strenuous sports, such as running and playing ball, use special glasses.

Lenses are most afraid of high temperatures and direct sunlight. It is forbidden to place the glasses in front of the windshield of a bicycle, under the spotlight, or wear glasses while taking a hot bath or hot springs and other high-temperature activities:

Any glasses will be damaged to varying degrees when exposed to external force, such as breakage or deformation. Please try to avoid weighing them down with heavy objects or breaking the frames of the glasses at will to avoid deformation of the glasses, which may cause the interpupillary distance to shift and lead to inaccurate photometry;

Myopia glasses are a tool to protect your vision. If there is something wrong with the glasses, it will damage your eyes. When we choose glasses, we should not just focus on whether the style and color are good-looking. Whether it is acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses or high-end horn glasses, choosing the one that suits you is the most important. The most important thing is to find a professional optical shop to match the lenses of your glasses. It can be said that protecting your glasses means protecting your eyes. I hope that this article can give us a better understanding of the importance of maintaining glasses.

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