Essays are usually written by students at a college or university school. Writing an essay is asked as homework for students. However, when students sit down on the paper, it turns out that it is not so simple.

After all, when writing an essay you need to follow the appropriate structure. To simplify the writing process follow 10 important steps of writing a quality essay. 

1. Understand What the Essay Is

An essay is a small narration that expresses the author’s position on a particular issue. It belongs to the artistic and journalistic genre and tends to be free composition. Expressing the opinion shortly is the best explanation for the essence of the essay.

The small volume does not allow us to thoroughly and exhaustively interpret the topic. However, having understood what an essay is and what the rules of its writing are, the author will be able to convey his opinion to readers.

This is a genre that allows itself an expression. No bureaucracy, complications, or unnecessary scientific terms. The language of the work must be alive and bright. The essay should clearly show your personality. The author, whom readers recognize from the first sentences, is doomed to success.

2. Choose the Title of your Essay

The title of the essay should clearly and succinctly represent the content of the text. Readers are more likely to remember titles that contain questions, puns, and metaphors. The title of an essay cannot consist of a single word, nor can it be longer than one sentence.

Try to find the middle ground and put your idea into 5-7 words. If you write a nursing essay, choose a title that will reveal the topic.

3. Define the Genre of the Essay

An essay is a text that is at the intersection of artistic and journalistic genres. Today, essays are a common genre used by schoolchildren, students, critics, and writers. 

The essay genres are divided into some types:

  • philosophical;
  • artistic;
  • historical;
  • literary-critical;
  • scientifical.

The genre of the essay is different from the type of essay. The style of the essay determines the style in which you will tell the story. Looking at the nursing essay, you can analyze that it belongs to the scientific type because you will write about the medical business and staff.

4. Do a Nursing Analysis

You need to analyze this medical profession. Learn the intricacies of the work and responsibilities of staff. In the essay, you will need to write arguments “for” and “against”, so you need to decide on the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. If you can’t write an essay according to the structure, and you have a deadline and you think “who can write my nursing essay for me?”, don’t worry.

You can use a service similar to WriteMyPaperHub where professional writers are always ready to write your nursing paper quickly, efficiently, according to the structure, and at a cheap price. Each essay is written without plagiarism so you can be sure of the uniqueness of the nursing essay you order. 

5. Write an Introduction

At this point, you need to put forward a hypothesis, which you will later confirm or refute. It can be a rhetorical question, a particular situation, or your personal beliefs. A clear definition of the thesis helps to reveal and analyze the problem in the widest possible way. The introduction represents your idea and shows readers what the essay will be about. The introduction should consist of 2-3 sentences.

6. Make up the Arguments

Substantiation of the thesis is the main part of essay writing. The arguments you provide can be a personal experience, social phenomena, facts, quotes from famous cultural, scientific, or political figures, historical events, laws, and movies. The argument should be relevant to the problem and not just be inscribed in the text just to follow the structure.

7. Write a Body of the Essay

The main part of the essay should consist of 8-10 sentences. In the body of the essay, you have to express your opinion with arguments. Each paragraph must match a specific argument. The paragraph with the argument can start with the words: “On the one hand” and “On the other hand”.

8. Conclusion

The conclusion should consist of 2-3 sentences and summarize your opinion. This should be the final part, which can begin with the words “In conclusion”, and “Summarizing”. 

9. Revise your Essay

Make sure that there is the presence of a problem. Although the topic of the essay may be free, the pages should address a specific issue. All parts of the work are based on a single problem, illustrate and analyze it.

To better understand whether you revealed the topic, answer the following questions:

  • Was I able to answer the main question?
  • How logical and clear are the thoughts of my essay?
  • Are there any errors in the text?
  • Did I provide strong arguments?

Don’t forget to check your nursing essay for punctuation, lexical and grammatical errors. To do this, you can use special online services. Or you can search the internet for rules about things that bother you and seem unnatural or wrong

10. Look at the Samples 

On the Internet, you can find many examples of essays on various topics. With the help of samples, you will be able to orient and compare the structure of your essay with the structure of the sample.

Summing up it is worth saying that writing a good reflective essay is not a difficult task if you pay some attention to the details. If still, you feel desperate, you can rely on professional help at any time needed. 

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