Steps to Planning the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

This blog post provides an outline on some activities that it can help save you time, so you are able to focus more on the process of the renovation. Planning the renovations before they start is an essential part of achieving the final product that you desire.

There’s nothing more soothing than a well-planned renovation in a bathroom. Planning the perfect bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be tricky. Here are six steps in planning a bath renovation.

Find the Ideal Space

The next step is to find an ideal space to be your bathroom. Consider how much space you need, what type of storage you’ll need, how it will look, the style of the room etc. Once you know where at least one half of your budget will go, sketch out several options so that you’ll see the possibilities. Make a Schedule. Consider your current life and your daily routine so you’ll be ready for maintenance by the time the summer arrives.

Plan for Installation

Plan for installation to ensure that you have all the tools required to complete the task while cutting cost at the same time. Buy things like 24 in undermount sink, toilets, bathtubs, extra light fixtures required to illuminate the room, and lay down measures to deprive yourself of areas in question so that there are no surprises later. No matter how much you redesign your bathroom, whether it’s with a new paint job or all-natural materials like reclaimed wood and flags, there are certain items that no one ever sees but which make the renovation complete. Accessories like light fixtures and towel bars, tile and countertops — all must be thought of beforehand in order to make sure they match and impart the intended feel.

Decide on Finishes

Decide what materials will be needed to finish the project. Determine whether any restrictions apply to manufacturers in which you need to know in order to purchase product legally. Be sure that the items are durable, easy to maintain, and fully compliant with building codes when it comes time to construct or renovate your bathroom. The first step is choosing a style that fits your style and budget. Other factors to consider might be the size and shape of the bathroom and what kind of trends and functions it will accommodate. Next, do some research on popular bath design concepts from websites such as Pinterest. These can be used as inspirations for wallpaper panels, tiles, door pulls etcetera, which you’ll find great deals or coupons for at most home improvement stores or online retailers.

Organize Openings and Options

Before you start your bathroom renovation, it’s vital that you know where to start. Start by making a list of appointments with the different professionals you need to consult with, giving them lists of materials and costs. This will allow you to do some cost-analysis and figure out what the best option for your budget is. Once you have an idea on what each professional wants, you can start figuring out how all your different elements will tie in together by using color swatches gathered from different suppliers.

Scale Your Plan

In order to find the right scale, ask these three questions: 1.) How big is your bathroom? 2.) What is your vision for this renovation? and 3.) Do you need any extra toilets, sinks, and/or vanities?

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