Six NFL Streaming Sites To Check Out For The New NFL Season

The NFL 2022/2023 season is still going, and you can join in on the action as the team’s push for a chance to play in the Super Bowl next year. Undoubtedly, it will be an epic showdown with all the favorites pushing as the games continue. As you play at your favorite Vegas online casino, you can also stream live NFL games. 

The league remains challenging, and we can see that many action-packed games are coming along. Undoubtedly, they won’t be easy, especially if you plan to place bets and win them. It would be best if you took the time to watch the games to see how the teams are performing first-hand. That way, you’ll know what to stick with when you want to place bets. 

If you want to stream NFL games, there are many sites where you can stream the new NFL season as it is ongoing. To help you kickstart your exciting journey with the teams this season,  we’ve compiled a list of six great streaming sites where you can watch the matches live. So, check them out now and pick one to get started.  

Live TV

Live TV is one of the NFL streaming sites you can check out as the new season is on, and they are set for the week eight games this weekend. This TV is a television production broadcast in real-time as events happen in the present. It means you stream a live game over the internet, where content or programming is played, but not on demand. 

However, Live TV has many benefits while streaming NFL games. The benefits include high-quality streams, Ease and Convenience, Analytics tracking, Customer support, and so on. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy an unmatched experience if you go with this streaming platform.  


USTV GO is also one of the sites where you can stream the NFL season anywhere, either on your mobile or PC. It provides live channels across various categories, including News, entertainment, Cartons, Sports, etc. It is one of the legit sites among the IPTV Apps that allows free sports streaming.

This site is an excellent way to watch your favorite TV channels on FireStick. It works via the web, and the good thing is that it supports your Amazon Silk and FireFo. Another important thing you need to know is that the Stress the NFL games, and other sports games on USTV GO are legal.


FSL, also called Free Streaming Live, is an excellent site where you can stream any of your favorite NFL games for free. Apart from the NFL games, the FSL site offers nunneries categories of sports channels. They update the channels list before the NFL matches kick off and offer separate channels during the pre-season, like the NFL Network and Redzone. 

NFL Bites

NFL Bites is also another site where you can stream the NFL season games. The NFL Bites is a  Reddit-based streaming website where you can watch every NFL live content, and for people yet to stream games on this site, you need to know that the sites change constantly and have recently introduced new channels like NFL Redzone, CFBStreams, and NFL news. 

However, on this site, they list Reddit-NFL- Streams minutes to NFL kick-off times, like some other sites do, and there are forums fans can join to interact with one another. It is also possible for you to watch other NFL live scores matches by clicking the ‘’Scores’’ link, which is at the top of the site. 

Sport Lemon

According to users, the Sport Lemon site is one of the best free NFL live-streaming websites. You can stream the NFL matches by clicking the US Football tab on the top menu. You can only get links to stream live games 15 minutes before the Kickoff on Sport lemon.  

Also, you can choose the game you want to watch by scrolling through the homepage’s live sports stream section. However, Sport Lemon is one of the top six streaming sites you need to check out. You can even check out other features on the platform.     


The last site you need to check out whenever you want to stream any NFL live games is StreamNFL. You can use your mobile or PC by typing, and you will see the option of live events. You can stream every live action of the NFL games.

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