Rolex Watches: Your Best Investment For 2021

Rolex Watches: Your Best Investment For 2021

The most wanted Rolex watch as of 2021 is a gem you do not wish to miss out on. Rolex is a brand that no longer needs an extravagant introduction. The name itself serves as a great way to introduce itself. With the achievements that the brand was able to attain over the years, it is not surprising. There had been many collections and models that people came to love when it comes to Rolex watches. With its fame and association with quality, the company continues to be the top at being the best. In line with these, it’s no wonder that Rolex does not come at a low price. If you wish to spend less than necessary, the cheapest Rolex watch would be the best pick for you.

What is the best Rolex to invest in?

Equipped with the highest standard for quality, Rolex watches continue to make a name in the market. Through the years, people remain to be satisfied with the outstanding timepieces that Rolex produces. 

Although all watches of Rolex are at their best, some tend to stand out. Which of those precious timepieces were able to stand out among the rest? Here are some of those excellent watches:

  • Submariner 

A new line of 41mm case models, comes out from this collection. It has an improvement of 1mm from the previous models. In line with this enhancement, the old version would cost less than the newly released ones as there are other modifications that only the new models possess. Under these collections, you would want to check out Ref. 116610LN, Ref. 16610. Ref. 14060, and Ref. 16613.

  • Oyster Perpetual 

In these collections, you can try the following watches: Ref. 124300, Ref. 126000, Ref. 114300, Ref. 116000. This collection is probably a classic name in the collections of Rolex. Like the Submariner, the models under this collection underwent improvements which called for attention in 2020. These watches’ new notable features are the striking colors for the dial and the 41mm case. 

  • Explorer

This collection originally represented the collection of sports watches. This model first made its name in history during 1971. The company enjoys celebrating the anniversaries of its watches. The Explorer is to have its 50th anniversary from its release. In line with the celebration, Rolex intends to introduce new watch models. Under this collection, you can check out Ref. 14270, Ref. 214270, Ref. 16570, and Ref. 216570.

  • GMT-Master

The following models would surely make you fall in love with this collection: Ref. 16750, Ref. 16760, Ref. 16710, and Ref. 116710LN. This watch stands out from the other watches. It shows time in two different time zones. Hence, this watch is pricey. But with its superb quality, every penny is worth acquiring this gem.

  • Datejust

This watch is stainless steel and has a 36mm case. You can choose from the following models and enjoy wearing them: Ref. 1601, Ref. 16013, Ref. 16233, and Ref. 16233.

  • Day-Date President Watches 

These watches bear the golden-colored watches and have an iconic design. The following models would surely satisfy your standard for watches of the same type: Ref. 1803, Ref. 18238, Ref. 118238, Ref. 218238.

Affordable Rolex Watches

Rolex is a famous brand. Hence, whenever people hear the name Rolex, they can quickly associate words as luxurious and expensive. It is common knowledge that quality comes with a price. The better quality one things are, the more expensive it becomes.

But, of course, despite having pricey watches, there are available Rolex watches that would surely fit your budget.

  • Oyster Perpetual 

This watch comes at around $5,000. This watch has a Twinlock system which helps in keeping the elements. Its sapphire crystal is scratchproof. Additionally, its case made of stainless steel is waterproof.

  • Explorer 

This watch can exceed your expectations when it comes to quality watches. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, two people who climbed Mt. Everest, had this watch with them. Its price is around $6,000.

  • Datejust II

This watch has a versatile quality. You can easily pair it up when wearing jeans or a suit. Either way, it can perfectly blend well with what you are wearing. This watch comes at around $9,000.

  • Submariner 

This watch is famous for its precision. Its fame spread worldwide, and it is not surprising that its quality-make comes with a price. They can come at around $7,000.

  • Milgauss 

These watches specifically targeted those who work in areas with strong magnetic fields, such as engineers and technicians. The force in the magnetic field can significantly impact the performance of a watch. Hence, the creation of these watches. Its price is around $7,000.

Final Thoughts

The brand continues to be on top of its game. It is not surprising given that the brand continues to improve. The watches are usually associated with terms such as expensive and elegant. But you are promised high-quality and long-lasting watches that can withstand for an extended period. 

It makes you wonder, though, among the many watches Rolex offers, what is the best Rolex to invest in? If you want to find less pricey ones, you can try those listed in the suggestions above. However, if you have the proper budget, then the best investment for you is the one that catches your eye and would ideally suit your taste.

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