A car accident can be scary, especially if you’re hurt. In Tampa, like anywhere in Florida, filing a police report right after a crash is essential. It’s not just the law, it protects you, especially if you need a Tampa personal injury lawyer later. With over 400,000 Florida crashes in 2019 alone, knowing how to file a report is important.

Steps to Take After a Tampa Car Accident with Injuries

  1. Safety First: Check everyone involved for injuries. If needed, call 911 immediately.
  2. Report the Crash: Florida law requires a police report for any accident with injuries or major property damage. Call the police or 911.
  3. Stay Put: Don’t leave the scene until the police arrive. Leaving, especially with injuries, can have serious consequences.
  4. Give Accurate Details: When the police come, provide them with all the information you can about the accident. This includes your details, the crash itself, and any injuries or damage observed.
  5. Get a Copy of the Report: The officer will complete a report. Ask for a copy or the report number. This document is vital for insurance claims or a Tampa personal injury attorney.
  6. Document Everything: If possible, take pictures of the scene, including the vehicles, road conditions, and any visible injuries. Also, exchange information with the other drivers involved.
  7. See a Doctor: Even if you feel okay, get medical attention right away. Some injuries might not show up immediately.

Why Filing a Police Report is Important

  • Legal Requirement: In Florida, reporting an accident with injuries is the law.
  • Documentation for Claims: The report is an official record of the accident, crucial for insurance claims or legal actions.
  • Determining Fault: A police report is key evidence in figuring out who caused the accident.

Consulting with a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re hurt in a car accident, a Tampa personal injury lawyer can be helpful:

  • Legal Guidance: A lawyer can advise you on handling insurance claims or potential lawsuits.
  • Representing You: A lawyer can fight for you with insurance companies or in court, protecting your rights.
  • Maximizing Compensation: An experienced attorney can help ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Thankfully, Tampa has some of the best personal injury lawyers around.

Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Police Report in Tampa

  • How long do I have to file? Report the accident to the police as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days.
  • Can I file if I’m not at fault? Yes, always file a report, regardless of fault.
  • What if the police don’t come? If the police don’t arrive, go to the nearest police station to file a report, or sometimes you can file online.


Filing a police report after a Tampa car accident with injuries is crucial. It’s the official record of the event and is necessary for any legal or insurance claims later. Knowing this process and getting help from a Tampa personal injury lawyer when needed can significantly impact the outcome of any issues arising from the accident. Remember, your safety and legal rights always come first.

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