One of the best things about owning your home is being able to decorate it however you want. However, with so many options, comes great responsibility. You want to decorate your home in a way that you like but you also want it to be stylish and welcoming. Being proud of your home is something that everyone should strive for. When you get it right, you can invite people around and have a party to celebrate. The question is though what will you put in your living room to make it stylish? Here is just a little bit of advice.

Centrepiece coffee table

No matter what kind of living room you are having, you need to have a focus point. Even if that point is a tv, you will still need somewhere to place drinks, snacks, and somewhere to gather around. Modern coffee tables come in a variety of styles and colors and the options are limitless. You need to work out what kind of style you are going for. A more traditional wooden one? A more stylistic metal one? Are you putting personal belongings on it or are you leaving it completely bare until it is used? There is a lot to consider but having a centrepiece coffee table is a home essential.

Use your home’s period to help you

If you are looking to start from a blank canvas, then you may feel overwhelmed to think about a theme for the room. A great guide to what you should do is to follow the age and style of your home. Many designers say that you should not mix periods. If you have a new build, then don’t try and fool anybody and put in lots of traditional aspects. Work with contemporary pieces. It will make the room have a more natural flow. This can help with narrowing down your design choices.

Stay neutral

One thing to do to ensure that your living room stays stylish year-round is to stay neutral with your color. There are lots of seasonal trends out there and to keep up with them you will have to redecorate every month. Having a base neutral color will keep you from having to do lots of work. However, this does not have to be white. Think about pale, pastel colors. You can accent these colors on walls or use other accessories to bring the color.

Layered lighting

No matter what room you are in, lighting is important. It can completely impact the atmosphere of a room. You don’t want to be sitting in glaring light when it is nighttime. Think about the lights you are going to use. Overhead lighting is a must, but also think about lamps and other sources. It is also worth thinking about a mixture of brightness.

Staying stylish

This is a tricky task even for the most confident home designer. The trick is to find a style that both suits your style and isn’t garishly outlandish. However, remember whatever you choose, make sure that you and your family like it. You have to live there.

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