Are you a vaper? If so, you know just how important keeping your vape tank full is. Not only does this ensure that you have the maximum amount of vapor with each puff, but it can also save you money in the long run. But if you’re relatively new to vaping or not sure what signs indicate that your tank needs refilling, look no further! In this article, we will discuss How To Know If The Vape Tank Needs To Be Refilled and some tips on storing and refilling it safely. Whether you want to maximize the pleasure derived from vaping or just save yourself some money by purchasing fewer cartridges, reading on will provide all the insights and advice needed!

Tips To Know If The Vape Tank Needs To Be Refilled?

1. Check the E-Juice Level:

One of the most unmistakable indicators that your vape tank needs to be refilled is when it runs out of e-juice entirely, leaving you with nothing but empty vapor. Fortunately, most vape tanks are equipped with a convenient window that allows you to monitor the level of your e-juice. So, by simply glancing at this window, you can easily determine if the e-juice level is low or nearly depleted, serving as a clear indication that it’s time to grab your favorite e-liquid and replenish your tank to continue enjoying a satisfying vaping experience.

2. Burnt Taste:

If you’re getting a burnt taste when you vape, it’s a sign that your tank needs to be refilled. When the e-juice is running low, the wick in the tank will not be able to soak up enough e-juice, which will result in a burnt taste. If you’re getting a burnt taste, it’s time to refill your tank immediately.

3. Gurgling Sounds:

When your vape tank runs low on e-juice, you may hear gurgling when you take a hit. This sound indicates that the e-juice level has decreased to the point where it’s not sufficiently covering the entire wick. As a result, there is a higher chance of experiencing a dry hit, which can be harsh and unpleasant. To avoid this, it is recommended to promptly refill your vape tank with fresh e-juice to ensure an optimal vaping experience and avoid any potential dry hits.

4. Less Vapor Production:

If you’re getting less vapor production than usual, it could be a sign that your vape tank needs to be refilled. When the e-juice runs low, the coil will not receive enough e-juice to create enough vapor. Refilling your vape tank will give it more e-juice, producing better vapor.

5. Leaking:

Finally, a vape tank that needs to be refilled can cause leaks. If the e-juice level is low, the pressure in the tank will decrease, resulting in leaks. If you’re experiencing leaks, it’s time to refill your vape tank.

Steps To Adapt For Refilling Your Vape Pen

Step 1: Understand the Parts of Your Vape Pen

The first step in refilling your vape pen is to understand its parts. Most vape pens have a tank, a mouthpiece, and a battery. You’ll store your vape juice in the tank, while the mouthpiece is where you’ll inhale from. The battery powers the vape pen and heats the coil, vaporizing the tank’s juice. Before refilling, ensure you know how to disassemble and reassemble your vape pen.

Step 2: Choose the Right Vape Juice

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the parts of your vape pen, the next step is to choose the right vape juice. Vape juice has various flavors, nicotine strengths, and PG/VG ratios. You’ll want to choose a flavor and strength you enjoy and a PG/VG ratio that matches your vaping style. Vape juice with higher PG ratios tends to produce more flavor and throat hit, while vape juice with higher VG ratios produces more vapor.

Step 3: Fill the Tank

Once your vape juice is ready, it’s time to fill the tank. To do this, unscrew the tank from the battery and remove the mouthpiece. Then, locate the fill ports on the tank. Depending on your tank, these ports may be on the top, bottom, or sides. Carefully fill the tank with vape juice using a dropper or syringe, ensuring not to overfill or spill any juice. Once the tank is full, reattach the mouthpiece and screw the tank back onto the battery.

Step 4: Prime the Coil

Before you start vaping, it’s important to prime the coil to ensure that it’s properly saturated with vape juice. To do this, take a few dry hits (inhaling without pressing the button) to draw the juice into the coil. Then, press the button and take a slow, steady inhale. This will help to prevent any dry hits or burnt tastes.

Step 5: Vape Away!

You can start vaping now that your vape pen is refilled and primed! Press the button and take a slow, steady inhale, enjoying your newly-filled vape pen’s flavor and vapor production. Monitor your vape juice levels and refill as needed to avoid accidental dry hits or burnt tastes.


Vape tanks play an important role in determining your vaping experience. Knowing when to refill them is essential, as running out of e-liquid can be a real drag. Making the mistake of adding too much liquid can also damage your tank and even affect the taste of your e-juice. Luckily, knowing when to refill your vape tank is fairly simple. Check for these signs: decreased vapor production, longer time between hitting the switch and vapor appearing, gurgling noises coming from the tank, or estimate how many times you need refilling. Regular maintenance is critical in ensuring that your tanks perform optimally and deliver the ideal flavor with every puff. By being mindful and keeping an eye on these pointers, you can easily refill your vape tanks at just the right moment and have a nice cloud of vapor in no time!



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